What Is Samsung Allshare? (All You Need To Know)

Having as few cables as possible is important when you have several electronic devices that you want to connect.

Fortunately, wireless connection products such as Samsung Allshare seek to address this issue using approaches that we’ve outlined in the article below!

What Is Samsung Allshare in [currentyear]?

Samsung Allshare is a service that allows you to wirelessly view and play files from one device on another, provided they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network in [currentyear]. It works with Samsung smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, home theater systems, digital cameras and camcorders, and Blu-ray players. Some of the functions it supports include streaming, casting, and virtual remote control.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Samsung Allshare, including how it works, what replaced it, and more!

Is Allshare Free?

Allshare is free, and it comes preinstalled on several Samsung devices. Moreover, It doesn’t require an account or subscription to work.

What Is the Allshare Cast Dongle and Do I Need It?

An Allshare cast dongle is an external device that adds the ability to connect to other devices using Allshare.

Like other media boxes of its kind, it attaches to the device via HDMI in order to carry high-quality audio and video signals.

You likely don’t need it if you have a different primary way of playing media on your device, e.g. via streaming services, or if you already have a similar service on the device, e.g. Chromecast.

Unless your TV already comes with support for HDMI, you probably shouldn’t bother buying the dongle, even if you have an adapter that lets you use a different port.

How Do I Use Allshare on My Phone?

To use Allshare on your phone to cast to a TV, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the quick access section via the pull-down menu
  2. Select “Quick connect” near the bottom left of the screen
  3. Look for the TV you want to connect to from the list of available devices

In order for this to work, you’ll need to have both the phone and TV connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

As well, you’ll need to set the TV to be ready for any devices looking to connect via Allshare, using a process we’ve outlined in the next section.

If you’ve already registered a device like a camera or PC to your Allshare, you can wirelessly access media files, i.e. pictures, music, and video, as well as browse folders.

To do this, start by opening the app and selecting the device from the grid on the first screen, and navigating using the tabs at the top.

Also, you can use Allshare on your phone or tablet for the following purposes:

  1. Turn it into a second screen so you can see what’s on a TV
  2. Use it as a virtual remote control
  3. Use it as a touchpad to navigate web pages
  4. Use it as a controller for gaming

For the last three purposes in the list, you’ll need to download a separate app called Samsung Remote, which connects to the other device via Allshare.

How Do I Use Allshare on My Samsung TV?

How Do I Use Allshare on My Samsung TV?

To use Allshare on your Samsung TV, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Exit the Smart Hub if you were on it
  2. Open the source or input toggling menu and select “Screen mirroring”
  3. Launch Allshare on the device you want to use

If you follow the steps in this section and the previous one, the connection should begin almost immediately and you can mirror the content.

Can You Use Allshare With an iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Allshare with an iPhone because it’s limited to Samsung’s Galaxy brand of phones and tablets.

Instead, you can use AirPlay, which is a similar technology developed by Apple and is available on several new models of Samsung TVs and monitors.

If you’re using a display model that has AirPlay, here’s how to use it:

  1. Click the settings button on the remote then select “All settings”
  2. Go to “Connections”
  3. Go to “Apple AirPlay settings”
  4. Set up the service depending on the configuration you want to use, e.g. authentication
  5. Make sure you’re on the same wireless connection as your phone
  6. On the phone, open a video then tap the casting button
  7. Choose the display from the list of available devices
  8. Enter a code if you’re asked for one

AirPlay doesn’t have the broad functionality of Allshare for things like remote control or viewing files on another device remotely, so it’s mainly considered a replacement for the casting feature.

If your display doesn’t have AirPlay, you can add the feature using an AppleTV box via an HDMI connection.

What Replaced Allshare?

Allshare was initially replaced by Samsung Link before that itself got replaced by SmartView later on.

However, SmartView also got replaced by SmartThings, a service that expanded its scope to more devices, such as home appliances.

On new models, the closest thing to Allshare is AirPlay, which allows users to cast content from their iPhones.

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Samsung Allshare is a service that allows devices such as TVs, phones, tablets, and cameras to have wireless connections to each other. You can get an Allshare dongle that connects via HDMI to add the feature to a device.

You can use it to view media files such as videos, music, and photos. It was discontinued before being replaced by Samsung Link, then SmartView, followed by SmartThings.

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