What Is Samsung Safe Mode? (All You Need To Know)

Knowing how to identify and fix certain issues in a smartphone or tablet on your own is key to enjoying the user experience.

Currently, Safe mode is one of the most important tools for your phone. So, we’ve broken down what it is and how it works on Samsung devices in the article below, so keep reading!

What Is Samsung Safe Mode in [currentyear]?

Samsung safe mode runs your device in a state where all third-party apps are disabled in [currentyear]. It’s used to identify the causes of certain issues so the user can have a better idea of what fixes could work. How you start the mode and what options you get will differ, depending on factors like device model and service provider.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Samsung safe mode, including how to activate it, how to turn it off, and more!

How Can I Put Samsung in Safe Mode?

There are three ways to put a Samsung in safe mode:

  1. Using a physical button – this method is ideal for devices that have trouble powering up because an issue with a third-party app is interfering with the process
  2. Using the power menu – this method is ideal for when you still have access to the regular functions and it’s more reliable than the first
  3. Using Bixby if it’s already installed on the device

To go into safe mode using a physical button, follow these steps:

  1. Power the phone or tablet off completely
  2. Power it back on and wait for the Samsung logo to appear on the screen
  3. When it shows up, press and hold the volume down button until you see the words “Safe mode” appear in the bottom left corner of the screen

To go into safe mode using the power menu, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press and hold the power button
  2. When the power options appear, press and hold the one that says “Power off”
  3. Tap the green “Safe mode” icon 

To go into safe mode using Bixby on a device that has the virtual assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Bixby button or call it up by saying “Hi Bixby” if it’s set up to listen for your voice
  2. Say “Turn on safe mode”
  3. Tap the green icon marked “Safe mode” which shows up on the screen or say “Safe mode”

What Does Samsung Safe Mode Do?

Samsung safe mode puts your phone in a state where you can only access apps it came with so you can do some troubleshooting.

Apps that came preinstalled with the device will show up with their usual icons, while everything you installed yourself will be grayed out.

Widgets also won’t be available, instead being replaced by a gray box that takes up the space they would during normal operation.

If an app is accessible, you can still use it as you regularly would. For example, the messaging app that came with the phone will be fully functional.

In this state, you can conduct tests to see if certain issues are the result of an app you installed recently.

For instance, if you notice that your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting but it doesn’t do that in safe mode, it’s a clue that the problem comes from an app you installed around the same time.

One popular use of this method of troubleshooting is to look into where certain ads come from and if they’re the result of a third-party app – if they don’t show up in safe mode, they are.

Does Samsung Safe Mode Delete Anything?

Does Samsung Safe Mode Delete Anything?

Samsung safe mode doesn’t delete anything unless you do it yourself, just like you would in the regular mode.

As well, there’s a chance that it could reset certain customization settings, such as wallpapers back to the default, but nothing too serious.

When Do You Need Safe Mode on a Samsung?

You’ll generally need safe mode on a Samsung device if you’ve noticed issues that you suspect might be coming from a third-party app.

However, you likely wouldn’t need it for issues coming up soon after you bought the device and haven’t started installing apps.

In these instances, the problem is likely a preloaded app, and you should instead look into other solutions such as:

  1. Factory resets
  2. Disabling apps
  3. Clearing app caches or data
  4. Restarting the device

If you can’t tie the issue to an app immediately, you could try going through usage reports to find any suspicious activity and working forward from there.

Why Is My Samsung in Safe Mode?

If your Samsung is in safe mode, it’s likely because someone restarted it in that mode or the volume down button is stuck.

You can enter safe mode by holding down the volume decrease button so, if it’s stuck, your device will boot into the mode.

How Can I Take My Samsung Off of Safe Mode?

You can take your Samsung off of safe mode just by restarting it. If it was stuck in safe mode because of an issue with the volume down button, try to get it loose first.

As well, you can turn off safe mode by pulling down the notification bar and touching the option marked “Tap here to turn off safe mode” and confirming the action.

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Samsung safe mode disables all third-party apps and only runs the ones that came with the device in order to allow for easier troubleshooting. This way, the user has a better chance of determining which app is causing an issue they’re experiencing.

You can enter safe mode on a Samsung by holding the volume down button when turning on the device. As well, you can hold down the “Power off” option after pressing and holding the power button or asking Bixby to do it. To leave safe mode, just restart the device.

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