What Is Sephora Rouge? (All You Need to Know)

Sephora has a tiered loyalty program to reward its most loyal customers and encourage them to spend even more at Sephora’s shops.

In fact, one of the more popular tiers is the Sephora Rouge, which unlocks a host of benefits for its members. Read on to find out what Sephora Rouge is precisely and how you can benefit from it, along with other facts!

What Is Sephora Rouge in 2024?

Sephora Rouge is a loyalty status open to customers who spend $1000 in a calendar year at Sephora’s online or in-store purchases. The Rouge status confers free three-day shipping, surprise birthday gifts, exclusive discounts, and freebies in 2024. However, many Rouge members feel the perks under the tier don’t warrant the steep qualification of $1000 a year.

Stay on to learn more about Sephora Rouge, how to qualify for it, what you can get under it, and any other options at Sephora!

What Does Sephora Rouge Mean at Sephora?

Sephora Rouge is the highest status inside the Beauty Insider rewards scheme for which Sephora customers can qualify.

To qualify for the Sephora Rouge status, customers must be legal residents within the United States and Canada.

They must also have purchased items amounting to at least $1000 within the calendar year.

A calendar year runs from January 31st  to December 31st, but the status runs for the year it is qualified for and the following year.

Sephora Rouge status qualifies customers for rewards and privileges, but these are at Sephora’s discretion.

How Do I Qualify for Sephora Rouge?

Besides being a legal resident in the United States or Canada and purchasing goods worth $1000, the customer must be above 16 years old.

If they are younger, they can participate but must seek their parents’ or guardians’ permission first.

Only individuals can qualify for the Sephora Rouge status, with only a single account per individual.

Moreover, you must first register for the Beauty Insider rewards program before qualifying for the Sephora Rouge.

What Are the Benefits of Sephora Rouge?

Sephora Rouge’s status is a great way customers can save money and be in pole position while engaging with their slew of amazing products.

Here are the benefits of being a Sephora Rouge member:

1. Points and Cash Back

Sephora Rouge members earn the most points of any of the Beauty Insider’s three tiers at 1.5 points per dollar spent, compared to 1.2 for VIB and 1 for Insider memberships.

Sephora customers can redeem their points at the Rewards Bazaar for excellent products and experiences.

However, you should use your points on a product you are familiar with and love, as you cannot get them back for returned products.

2. Exclusive Discounts and Savings

As a Sephora Rouge customer, you enjoy first access to the store’s exclusive discounts and savings.

In other words, you get to have your pick of the prime products on offer before the store is overrun and there is a shortage.

3. Brand Point Multiplier Events

Sometimes, twice a year, Sephora holds points multiplier events, where you get more points than usual for a dollar spent.

For Sephora Rouge status holders, this can go up as much as four times. For every dollar spent, one would earn 6 points instead of 1.5.

Overall, it’s an excellent opportunity to stack up on points you can redeem for the Rouge Reward or at the Sephora Reward Bazaar. 

4. Free Standard Shipping

4. Free Standard Shipping Sephora

Sephora Rouge status confers free standard shipping without a minimum. Ordinarily, this costs $6.50 for all purchases below $50 and standard shipping delivers in 3 days.

However, this is a downgrade from the free flash shipping that used to come automatically for Sephora Rouge members.

Two-day flash shipping is now available as a celebratory option for Beauty Insider members upon achieving the Sephora Rouge status. Two-day flash shipping costs $15.

5. The Rouge Reward

Sephora Rouge Reward lets customers redeem 2500 points for $100 to use at the store, online, or in-store.

The reward can only be used to purchase merchandise and is inapplicable to pay for shipping and gift cards.

Additionally, only the Rouge member can use it, and only in the country where the Rouge membership was purchased.

Further, you can’t use the reward more than once, so try to exhaust it all in a single transaction.

Otherwise, you forfeit whatever is left over. Also, you can’t use it in conjunction with other promotions.

Once you qualify for the Rouge Reward, Sephora sends you a confirmation email within 24 hours. After that, the reward is only valid for 90 days, upon which it is forfeited.

6. Free Birthday Gifts on Sephora Rouge

All Sephora Beauty Insider members are eligible for a free birthday gift once every year in the month of their birthday.

Members can redeem the gift two weeks before and after the exact date. The gifts are a surprise, discretionary, and vary from location to location.

If required, the customer chooses from a small selection of what they would like.

However, Rouge members have twice as many options, which may also include some very high-end products.

Rouge members need not purchase anything to activate this gift, as they can claim it both online and in-store.

7. Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Periodically, Sephora offers rewards on its Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar that customers can browse and redeem with their points.

Sephora Rouge members are unlimited in the number of rewards they can redeem, unlike Insider members who can only make a single redemption.

Rewards Bazaar’s offers are always limited by time and are offered at Sephora’s discretion, so you need to be early to have your pick of items.

Redeemable rewards include makeovers for yourself and friends, cosmetic items, cosmetic training for you and your friends, and even a mix of beauty products and clothing.

At this time, you can redeem from 50 to 100,000 points.

Is Sephora Rouge Worth It?

Most members aren’t entirely satisfied with the offerings under Sephora Rouge, though they like specific conveniences like free shipping and early bird privileges.

You need purchases of only $350 to qualify for VIB and $1000 to qualify for Rouge. The difference is a whopping $650.

However, the consensus is that the difference in offers under the tiers doesn’t warrant the gap in qualifications.

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Sephora’s loyalty program offers a variety of benefits for its customers under various tiers depending on how much they spend. Rouge status is the most valuable, offering various rewards in discounts, samples, and exclusive or early bird experiences.

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