What Is Sony FE? (All You Need to Know)

Sony uses many abbreviations to identify its photographic accessories. It can get confusing and hard to follow.

Suppose you are new to photography and don’t have the luxury of speaking to a professional. In that case, you might ask: What is Sony FE? 

What Is Sony FE in [currentyear]?

Sony FE stands for Sony’s full-frame E-mount cameras and lenses. While the F means full-frame, the E stands for E-mount. E-mount cameras are Sony’s line of mirrorless cameras and lenses. E-mounts come in either full-frame or crop sensor. Since not all E-mounts are full-frame, look for the FE abbreviation to spot them. 

To understand more about Sony FE cameras and lenses, keep reading. This article will detail the pros and cons of full-frames and how they compare to other models. 

Is FE Full-Frame?

FE cameras and lenses are full-frame. 

When referring to cameras, full-frame means the image sensor size is equivalent to the same size as 35 mm film. Even though most people don’t use film anymore, it also refers to image sensors in digital cameras.

Full-frame cameras and lenses can catch more detail of light and dark, making them a good option for low-light environments. 

Compared to crop sensors, they have more pixels, making for a higher resolution. 

However, the downside to Sony’s FE cameras is that they are usually heavier, larger, and more expensive. FE cameras also only work with FE lenses. 

What Is Sony FE Mount?

Sony FE mount is a full-frame mount camera. If you imagine the body of a camera, it has a lens mount. This protruding circular portion attaches to lenses. 

While you can change the camera lens, the mount is a permanent fixture on a camera. 

So when you buy a Sony FE mount, you can’t change the mount. It can typically only be used with full-frame lenses. 

What Does FE Mean at Sony?

FE is an abbreviation for full-frame E-mount. 

This F stands for the full-frame and means the camera or lenses are meant for full-frame devices. 

Meanwhile, the E stands for E-mount, the type of mount that attaches a camera body to the lens. 

Cameras have different-sized mounts. For example, one Sony FE camera had the following measurements:

  • Throat: 43.6 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 46.1 mm
  • Flange Distance: 18.0 mm
  • Angle of Incidence: 28.58 

What Does FE Mean on Sony Lenses?

Regarding Sony, FE lenses are specific-sized, full-frame lenses that can connect with an E-mount camera.

Luckily, Sony FE lenses can attach to all Sony E-mount cameras. 

What Is the Sony FE Lenses List?

There is a long list of Sony FE lenses. They are categorized by prime, zoom, or cine lenses.

However, there are some tips to identify these lenses quickly. They usually have the FE abbreviation written somewhere in the name or description when advertised. 

What Are Sigma FE Lenses?

What Are Sigma FE Lenses?

SIGMA lenses are made by the SIGMA Corporation, a Japanese company that produces cameras, lenses, and other photography accessories. 

SIGMA made 7 interchangeable FE lenses for Sony full-frame E-mount cameras. 

These lenses were part of an Art series and geared toward photographers. They are meant to have improved autofocus and faster data speed.

SIGMA also offered a service that could convert these lenses to other mounts, meaning they won’t exclusively fit an E-mount. 

This way, you can use it with your favorite camera, even if it’s not a Sony E-mount. 

What Are the Best Sony FE Lenses?

According to Digital Camera World, these are the top two Sony FE lenses. 

With 5 stars, the Sony FE 24-70 mm f/2.8 G Master came in at number one on the list. It is said to have excellent image quality and high-speed autofocus. 

However, it’s on the bulkier side, is expensive, and does not have optical stabilization.

At number 3 on the list, the Sony FE 28-70 mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS has 4 stars. It’s smaller and lighter than many FE cameras. 

It also has optical stabilization and won’t break the bank. However, it doesn’t have the best aperture. 

Sigma 24-70 mm f/2.8 DG DN Art also made the list. 

With a beautiful design, this lens has excellent image quality. However, you’ll need to correct any image distortions that tend to pop up. 

What Is the Difference Between the Sony E mount and Sony FE Mount?

Sony E-mount cameras are the company’s line of mirrorless cameras. They have a specific mount size that attaches to E-mount lenses. 

E-mount cameras can be full-frame or crop sensor. On the other hand, Sony FE mount specifically refers to full-frame E-mount cameras. 

  • What Is Sony FE Vs. SEL?

Sony uses a variety of abbreviations to describe its products. As mentioned, FE stands for full-frame E-mount while SEL stands for Sony E-mount lens. 

Sony E-mount lenses, or SEL, refer to a larger category of lenses. They can be either full-frame or crop sensors. 

However, FE refers to specifically E-mount cameras or lenses that are full-frame. 

  • What Is Sony FE Vs. G?

G stands for Sony’s G Master Lenses, a series of lenses designed for ultimate performance. They are advertised as having high resolution and contrast and excellent bokeh. 

Indeed, there are full-frame G lenses. Make sure it says both FE and G in the description to ensure you’re getting an FE lens of the G series. 

  • Is Sony A7IV An FE Camera?

The Sony a7 IV is an FE camera. It was released in 2021 and is worth over $2,000. It’s a significant upgrade from its predecessor and has solid speed and resolution.  

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Sony FE refers to Sony’s full-frame E-mount cameras and lenses. Full-frame means the sensor image is the same as 35 mm film. 

However, not all E-mounts are full-frame. If you’re looking for FE products, make sure the abbreviation FE is present on the item’s name or description.     

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