What Is Sony Vegas? (All You Need To Know)

Are you in the market for video editing software? While shopping around and exploring different options, you may come across Sony Vegas.

When you do, you might ask: What is Sony Vegas? How does it differ from the other video editing software out there? If you are wondering about these questions continue reading the article below as I have the answers to them and more!

What Is Sony Vegas In 2024? 

Sony Vegas, now called Vegas Pro, is an audio, video, and streaming software in 2024. Previously owned by Sony, it is often referred to by its old name. Furthermore, it is a non-linear editing program that can alter colors, resolution, exposures, and grading. Vegas Pro can also track and stabilize movements and provide voiceovers, transcribing, and auto-translations. 

So is Vegas Pro the right choice for you? Keep reading to understand what this software can do, its prices, how to download it for free, and more! 

What Is Sony Vegas Pro?

Sony Vegas Pro was a video editing software previously owned by the company Sony. 

Furthermore, it was created by Sonic Foundry and sold to Sony in 2003. 

Additionally, from 2003-2016, the software went by the name Sony Vegas Pro as it was thought attaching Sony’s name to it gave it some credibility as well as helped the Sony brand expand. 

However, Sony sold its Vegas Pro to Magix in 2016. 

Therefore, at this point, it dropped “Sony” from the product name, going solely with “Vegas Pro.”  

Who Bought Sony Vegas?

In 2016, the company Magix bought Vegas Pro from Sony. 

Additionally, after the acquisition, Magix created the subsidiary Vegas Creative Software, and this company has four software platforms:


Vegas Post offers multiple services within one interface. Imagine Vegas Pro, but with added software for altering images and adding special effects. 

  • VEGAS Pro

Vegas Pro is the non-linear editor that Sony originally created but has been enhanced by Magix. 

Four software bundles are offered: VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Pro Edit, VEGAS Pro Suite, and VEGAS Pro 365. 

Furthermore, these bundles are fairly similar, but each support different plug-ins.

  • VEGAS Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio is a simplified version of Vegas Pro similar to iMovie.

Additionally, it has three software options: Movie Studio, Movie Studio Platinum, and Movie Studio Suite.

  • VEGAS Stream

Vegas Stream is a software that allows you to live stream on different platforms.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. 

Also, users can switch between different sources while live streaming. 

What Can Sony Vegas Do?

What Can Sony Vegas Do?

Vegas Pro provides editing for videos, audio, and streaming. Some of its capabilities include:

  • Automatically transcribing voice-over into subtitles
  • Creates synthesized multi-language voice-over
  • Autotranslates text
  • Original sound effects and sound mixing
  • Change the color, alter, or enhance visual images and resolution 
  • Upload from devices for immediate download 
  • Access to stock photos and videos
  • Motion tracking
  • Hide any sensitive information such as license plates and phone numbers 

Is Sony Vegas Free?

Magix offers a free 30-day trial of Vegas Pro software. 

Then, after this period, users may subscribe for a monthly fee or purchase the full products outright. 

Additionally, this trial is offered through three options: Vegas Edit, Vegas Pro, and Vegas Post. 

Furthermore, Vegas Edit offers the standard Vegas Pro software, while the Vegas Pro and Vegas Post bundles include more within the subscriptions.  

How Much Does Sony Vegas Cost?

On the company’s website, it is sold in three different bundles: Vegas Edit, Vegas Pro, and Vegas Post. 

Furthermore, Vegas Pro Bundle Prices are as follows:

  Vegas Edit Vegas Pro Vegas Post
Annual Subscription (monthly payment) $12.99 $19.99 $29.99
Monthly Subscription $19.99 $34.99 $44.99
New License $249 $399 $599
Upgrade $119 $199 $299

How Do You Download Sony Vegas?

To download Vegas Pro software, follow these steps.

  1. Head to the Vegas Creative Software website. 
  2. Click on the FREE TRIAL.
  3. Choose from their bundles and click the Start Free Trial button.
  4. Complete the Captcha and click on the Start Download button. 
  5. When asked if you want to run the file, choose YES.
  6. A setup page will open. Chose a language and follow the page’s instructions to complete the download.

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Sony Vegas is an editing software for videos, audio, and streaming. Additionally, you can purchase one of the three bundles this software has to offer.

Furthermore, while many still refer to it as Sony Vegas, it is technically now called Vegas Pro as this software was purchased by a company called Magix in 2016. 

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