What Is the Dress Code at Ulta? (Hair, Tattoos, Piercings + More)

Ulta is a well-known beauty supply store located within the United States that requires its employees to be well-groomed in order to encourage customers to make bold beauty choices.

So, if you just got hired on Ulta’s team or you’re planning on applying soon, you’re most likely wondering what you should wear in order to feel comfortable yet put together. Therefore, here is everything you will need to know about Ulta’s dress code!

What Is the Dress Code at Ulta in 2024?

Ulta has a dress code for employees, who are given the option to purchase one from Ulta or provide their own, which must consist of a red, black, or gray shirt that should be tucked into your waist-high black pants. Employees must also have black socks and black close-toed shoes and wear a name tag at all times in 2024.

If you would like to learn more about Ulta’s dress code, like if you can have dyed hair, how much makeup you should wear, and more, keep reading!

What Is the Uniform at Ulta?

Ulta offers its employees a printed uniform that can be bought from the company, which includes nearly everything you will need.

However, employees aren’t limited to just this option. In fact, you can provide your own uniform if you follow the guidelines and rules the company has put into place.

These guidelines and rules consist of the following:

  • Wear a red, black, or gray shirt that is tucked in at all times
  • Pants must be black and should be worn at the waistline
  • Shoes must be black and closed-toe
  • Socked must be black
  • A black belt is required if wearing pants with loops
  • A name tag must be worn at all times

Can You Purchase a Uniform From Ulta?

As mentioned previously, Ulta offers the option to provide your own uniform or you can purchase a printed one from the company.

However, to my understanding, you will still need to provide pants, socks, shoes, and whatever else you may need as the one you can purchase only includes a shirt.

Can You Have Dyed Hair While Working at Ulta?

Ulta is all about allowing its employees to express themselves, so generally speaking, you are completely free to have whatever color of hair you prefer, even if it’s not a natural color.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that employers do have the right to set guidelines, and sometimes your boss may not feel comfortable with unnaturally colored hair.

While your boss will most likely not care what you decide to do with your hair, you will want to be sure to be respectful of your employer’s guidelines.

You may even want to ask about dying it beforehand if you’re unsure of whether or not it’s okay.

Are Visible Tattoos Acceptable When Working at Ulta?

Are Visible Tattoos Acceptable When Working at Ulta?

Ulta’s dress code does allow you to have tattoos without violating any of the store’s policies as long as there are no offensive or obscene images.

Tattoos that are not acceptable are hateful or discriminatory, including gender, race, national origin, sex, and religion.

However, it’s important to remember that some Ulta managers may ask you to cover them up if you have visible tattoos.

Can You Wear Jeans to Work at Ulta?

Technically, you can wear jeans with your shirt at Ulta, as long as they abide by the requirements set by the company.

This means that blue jeans and jeans with holes won’t be acceptable. So, you will need to find an appropriate pair of black jeans for your shift.

The company allows you to wear jeans so that you can be comfortable during your shift and so that your wardrobe doesn’t cause any interruptions while you work.

Are Piercings Acceptable When Working at Ulta?

Unfortunately, there isn’t very much clear information on which piercings are acceptable while working at Ulta.

However, I have learned that a maximum of 2 ear piercings are allowed per ear while you are on shift.

I cannot find any information on whether facial tattoos are acceptable. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your employer or manager if you are unsure.

Do You Need to Wear Makeup While Working at Ulta?

Although wearing makeup to your shift is technically optional, you will want to look your best.

It’s important to be sure that if you do choose to wear makeup during your shift that you are wearing makeup that looks good and will last all day.

The reason being is that if a customer approaches you while you’re working and likes what you have on or can see that you are good at doing makeup, they may ask for your advice.

Can You Wear a Hoodie to Your Shift to Work at Ulta?

Currently, there are no set rules on whether you can wear a hoodie during your shift at Ulta.

Whether you can wear a hoodie to work at Ulta will depend on your employers or managers and will most likely vary depending on the location of your store and the season that you are in.

Can You Wear Shorts to Work at Ulta?

As mentioned previously, Ulta employers want their employees to be comfortable while they are at work so as to not distract them from actually getting work done.

Therefore, the Ulta dress code does allow for shorts to be worn in-store during your shift, and there are no current specific guidelines available.

However, you will want to keep in mind that this is your work environment and you will want to dress accordingly.

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The dress code at Ulta can somewhat vary due to changes in season or what is deemed appropriate by your employer.

However, the basics will stay the same- black bottoms, a red, gray, or black shirt, black socks, and black close-toed shoes. While working at Ulta, you are also required to have good hygiene and be well-groomed for your shift.

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