What Is The LG Magic Remote? (All You Need To Know) 

If you recently purchased an LG TV, you may have also received an LG Magic Remote. Therefore, you may be wondering: what is an LG Magic Remote? 

If this is something you’re wondering about, keep reading to discover what I found out! 

What Is The LG Magic Remote In 2024? 

An LG Magic Remote is a singular remote that can control all your devices so you don’t need multiple remotes in 2024. Furthermore, it comes with LG Voice Mate so you can control your TV without moving a finger. Additionally, the LG Magic Remote can also be used as a cursor if you wave it at your TV screen. 

If you would like to learn more about how to use your LG Magic Remote, which TVs the LG Magic Remote works with, and more, then please continue reading! 

What can the LG Magic Remote do? 

Fortunately, the LG Magic Remote can do many things a normal remote can’t do, such as controlling all your TV accessories with just one remote. 

Therefore, the LG Magic Remote can control your TV, set-top box, soundbar, Blu-ray, and hit altogether.  

Furthermore, the LG Magic Remote acts as a regular remote or can become a cursor with just a wave of your hand towards the TV. 

Additionally, the Magic Remote comes with LG Voice Mate so you can also control your TV using voice commands and you won’t have to press any buttons. 

How do you use the LG Magic Remote? 

How do you use the LG Magic Remote? 

To begin using your LG Magic Remote, you have to first register the Magic Remote on your LG Smart TV. 

Therefore, to register your LG Magic Remote: 

  1. First, turn on your LG Smart TV . You need to wait 10 seconds for it to turn on 
  2. Second, aim your Magic Remote at your Smart TV and press the “Wheel (OK)” button. A message should appear after your Magic Remote is registered 

Furthermore, if your Magic Remote does not register for any reason, you need to turn your Smart TV off and back on again and try again, repeating the same steps. 

Additionally, if your Magic Remote is not properly functioning, you need to initialize it and then re-register it. 

Therefore, to initialize and re-register your LG Magic Remote: 

  1. Start by holding down the “Smart Home” and “Back” buttons on your Magic Remote at the same time for 5 seconds to initialize your Magic Remote. Moreover, the “Smart Home” button will have a house symbol on it and the “Back” button will have a circular arrow pointing backward symbol on it 
  2. Next, aim your Magic Remote at your Smart TV and press the “Wheel (OK)” button. As stated before a message should appear after your Magic Remote has finished registering 

Additionally, to use the LG Magic Remote, you also have to configure the Magic Remote control pointer. 

Therefore, to configure the Magic Remote control pointer: 

  1. Begin by pressing the “Smart Home” button on your Magic Remote. This is to open the home screen on your Smart TV 
  2. Next, click “Settings” 
  3. Then, click “Option” and “Pointer”. “Pointer” will open the point settings window 
  4. Afterward, click the setting you would like to configure; you can choose: 
      • Speed: “Sets the movement speed of the pointer.” 
      • Shape: “Selects the shape of the pointer” 
      • Size: “Sets the size of the pointer,” or 
      • Alignment: “Enables or disables the alignment function of the pointer” 

Additionally, when “Alignment” is enabled, it moves the pointer back to the center of the screen when you shake your Magic Remote. 

Furthermore, if you would like to use the Magic Remotes voice controls, you will also have to set up the LG Voice Mates voice recognition. 

Moreover, to set up voice recognition: 

  1. First, click the voice recognition button. It will have a microphone symbol on the button 
  2. Second, a voice display window should pop up on the left side of your Smart TV screen; when this happens, you need to speak. Moreover, when speaking to the Magic Remote: 
      • Keep it about 10 cm. From your face 
      • Try not to speak too fast or too slow or it may fail 
      • Based on your Characteristics, such as your voice, speed, intonation, and pronunciation, and you’re environment, such as any background noise, the recognition rate may vary  

Once all of this has been set up you can then use the Magic Remote to control your TV and all its accessories like a normal remote, a cursor, or voice commands. 

How Much Does the LG Magic Remote Cost? 

Fortunately, when you buy an LG Smart TV the compatible LG Magic Remote usually comes with the TV and is included in the TV price. 

However, if you do need to purchase an LG Magic Remote separately, they are not extremely expensive. 

Furthermore, the price of an LG Magic Remote depends on the model, where it is being sold, such as in-store or online, and which Smart TV the Remote is compatible with. 

For example, right now on the LG Magic Remote website, the “2022 Magic Remote w/ Magic Tap (NFC)” costs $49.99.

Additionally, the “Magic Remote Control with Voice Mate for Select 2017 Smart TVs” costs $64.99. 

So, the prices of each Magic Remote may change at any time. 

Moreover, if you need to buy an LG Magic Remote or replacement parts, or just want to look at pricing click here

Does LG Magic Remote Work with all LG TVs? 

Fortunately, the LG Magic Remote is made to be universal and works with most LG Smart TVs. 

However, there are a few Smart TV models that some Magic Remote models will not work with. 

Thankfully, when you order your LG Smart TV, it should automatically come with the correct LG Magic Remote that is compatible with your Smart TV. 

Additionally, if you need to order an LG Magic Remote separately, you can check your TV owner’s manual for which LG Magic Remote is compatible with your LG Smart TV. 

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Fortunately, for LG users the LG Magic Remote does much more than normal Remotes. Moreover, the Magic Remote can be used as a regular remote using the buttons, as a cursor with a wave of your arm, or with voice commands using LG Voice Mate. 

Furthermore, the LG Magic Remote can control your TV and all its accessories in one so you have no more remote piles. Additionally, it is universal and works with almost all LG Smart TVs and it is fairly cheap! 

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