What Is Tim Hortons’ Sausage Made Of? (All You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to get a meal from Tim Hortons and want a meal with sausage in it, you might want to know: what is Tim Hortons’ sausage made of?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and what is used to make the sausage! 

What Is Tim Hortons Sausage Made of In [currentyear]?

Tim Hortons doesn’t disclose the ingredients of the sausage, as it’s a closely guarded secret in [currentyear]. However, the company does use pork meat and various seasonings. The sausage is used for breakfast menu items, but these can be ordered anytime throughout the day as part of the all-day breakfast menu. Tim Hortons previously offered Beyond Sausage but discontinued it.

Do you want to know more about what Tim Hortons puts in sausage? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

What Is in Tim Hortons Sausage?

Tim Hortons does not state the specific ingredients used in their sausage beyond pork and some seasonings.

The recipe for Tim Hortons’ sausage is likely a tightly guarded secret as the sausage is made just for them.

What Meals Have Sausage at Tim Hortons?

Sausage is available with breakfast wraps and breakfast sandwiches, which are available on the breakfast menu.

Does Tim Hortons Make Its Own Sausage?

Tim Hortons does not make its own sausage and instead purchases it from an undisclosed distributor.

However, the patties that are used are likely specially made for them using a unique formula.

Is Sausage Available for Breakfast at Tim Hortons?

Sausage is available for breakfast at Tim Hortons with wraps, biscuits, and breakfast sandwiches.

Is Sausage Available for Lunch at Tim Hortons?

Sausage is not available with any items on Tim Hortons’ lunch menu.

However, you can get breakfast items with sausages in them, such as wraps and biscuits, at lunchtime as part of the all-day breakfast menu.

Does Tim Hortons Have Link Sausage?

Does Tim Hortons Have Link Sausage?

Tim Hortons does not have sausage links, nor does it have bite-sized breakfast sausages available on the menu.

Does Tim Hortons Sausage Have Pork?

Tim Hortons’ sausage is made from pork meat, but Tim Hortons does not state what part of the pig the meat comes from.

Does Tim Hortons Sausage Have Beef?

Tim Hortons does not use beef in its sausage patties and instead uses pork.

Does Tim Hortons Sausage Have Chicken?

Tim Hortons’ sausage does not contain chicken and instead has ground pork in it.

Does Tim Hortons Have Turkey Sausage?

Tim Hortons previously offered turkey sausage as an alternative to regular sausage; however, this has since been discontinued.

Do All Tim Hortons Have Sausage?

All Tim Hortons in Canada should have sausage as it should be available with biscuits and wraps.

However, some Tim Hortons locations in the United States do not have these offerings and may not have sausage.

Is Tim Hortons Sausage Vegan?

Tim Hortons’ sausage is not vegan, and there currently isn’t a vegan alternative to sausage. This also means that items such as wraps or sausage biscuits are not vegan either.

Does Tim Hortons Have a Plant-Based Sausage Alternative?

Tim Hortons does not currently offer a plant-based alternative to sausage.

However, the company did previously offer a beyond meat sausage patty, but it has been discontinued, brought back, and discontinued again.

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Tim Hortons does not disclose the exact contents of the sausage used in menu items. However, we do know that it contains pork and a variety of seasonings. Pork is only available with wraps and breakfast sandwiches at Tim Hortons and is not sold by itself.

Tim Hortons previously offered a plant-based sausage alternative, but many customers were displeased to find out that this alternative still contained pork.

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