What Is Verizon Location Code? (How To Find A Code + More)

If you’ve gone onto the Verizon website or into a Verizon store, and have seen location code, you might be wondering: what is Verizon location code and how does it work?

If so, keep reading this article in order to learn everything I’ve discovered on this topic, as well as other related facts!

What Is Verizon Location Code In [currentyear]?

The Verizon location code tells Verizon which store its inventory came from so that it can be tracked. This is most commonly used to help track pre-orders in [currentyear]. Whether you’re returning a device, purchasing a device, or need a device repaired, a location code is crucial to track down where the order was placed and where it should go.

Do you want to know more about Verizon location code, such as if every Verizon store has a location code and other related information? If so, continue reading to learn even more facts!

Does Every Verizon Store Have a Location Code?

Every Verizon store will have a location code because it’s vital for Verizon to know what store the product was located in and where an order has been placed.

Additionally, the Verizon stores online and telephone sales all have a location code assigned to them to keep track of inventory from each store and source.

How Do You Find the Verizon Location Code?

If you’ve pre-ordered a product from Verizon or have just placed a regular order, you’ll have to look at your order confirmation page or your receipt to find the Verizon location code.

Usually, the location code will begin with a letter such as “X” or “N,” and it will be followed by multiple numbers.

However, some location codes are just a string of numbers.

Additionally, if you have a My Verizon account and recently placed an order, you can sign in to your Verizon account and go to “My Orders” to see the location code of the recent purchase.

Does Every Verizon Order Have a Location Code?

Unfortunately, not all orders are going to have the location code available for you to see.

However, most pre-orders will contain this code if you’ve purchased directly from Verizon.

Also, it will depend on where you’ve purchased the product, as products through Best Buy or other authorized retailers likely won’t have an associated location code.

When Will I Be Sent a My Verizon Location Code?

When Will I Be Sent a My Verizon Location Code?

Your Verizon location code should be available for you when you get the confirmation of your order. It can be found on the product receipt or order invoice.

Typically, you’ll be sent the receipt for your order within a few minutes after placing the order through Verizon.

However,  it could take up to 12 hours to receive the receipt.

If you don’t see the email, you may want to check your Spam folder, as sometimes receipts can end up being sent to this folder instead of your Inbox.

Does Verizon Require a Location Code for Tracking?

You’ll need to enter the location code for tracking if you’re using the Verizon Check Order Status website if you don’t already have a My Verizon account.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know your location code, then you’ll be unable to track your shipment through the Verizon website.

Do You Need the Verizon Location Code When Making Claims?

You’re going to need the Verizon location code if you’re making a claim, according to an online user who was trying to find the code for a Samsung promotion.

Also, you’re going to need this code for a variety of claims, such as damaged product claims, promotional claims, or rebates.

What If I Can’t Find My Verizon Location Code?

You will need to contact Verizon customer service if you need the location code and if you’ve purchased the product straight from Verizon.

However, in certain situations, you can leave the location code blank, such as if you’re filling out the Concession Plan form or similar document.

According to online users that have been in that situation, some Verizon paperwork doesn’t require the location code, and you can instead just use the store number.

How Do I Find My Verizon Store Number?

If you need to use your Verizon store number instead of the location code, it’s easy to find using the Verizon Store Locator tool on the website.

Furthermore, if you have location access turned on while browsing the internet, then your nearest store should show up on the page.

However, you also can enter your zip code to find the nearest Verizon store or a particular store that you’re looking to find more information about.

Once you click on the store from the left-hand side of the screen, the store number will be located at the end of the URL after the city it’s located in.

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The Verizon location code is a code that’s assigned to each Verizon store, and it helps keep track of inventory and where products are being shipped from.

Additionally, the Verizon location code is most commonly used when you’re placing a Verizon pre-order for a new phone. You can find the location code on your receipt.

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