Who Makes Kirkland Signature Cookware? (All You Need To Know)

Kirkland is a brand that you can most likely find in many kitchens across the United States. The brand is so famous because of its high-quality products sold at more affordable prices.

If you have ever considered buying Kirkland Signature cookware while you were browsing up and down the aisles at Costco but hesitated because you have questions about the product, this article is for you!

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Cookware In [currentyear]?

Although we cannot be entirely sure where its signature cookware is made, signs point to it being made by manufacturers in Thailand as of [currentyear]. Surprisingly, Kirkland does not have its own factory where it makes the products it sells at Costco. Instead, it outsources to other brands and companies from all around the world.

If you are hoping to learn more about where Kirkland Signature gets its cookware, if it is any good, and more, keep reading!

Which Company Makes Kirkland Signature Cookware?

Kirkland likes to keep where it gets its products a secret for many reasons.

For example, some of the reasons include that the company does not want to lose out on sales and that it wants to keep the prices of its products low.

Unfortunately, we cannot be 100% sure of where Kirkland gets its signature cookware; however, some factors suggest that it is made in factories within Thailand (according to the label on the packaging).

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Signature Cookware?

If you are looking to get your hands on a new set of cookware, there are a few options where you can pick up a set from the Kirkland brand.

Further, this includes heading to your local Costco, ordering online at Costco.com, or ordering from a third-party seller like Amazon.

Is Kirkland Signature Cookware Any Good?

Is Kirkland Signature Cookware Any Good? Costco

Many people hesitate to buy Kirkland Signature Cookware because they cannot decide whether or not it is actually a good deal as the prices are so low.

Further, many customers wonder if they will just end up replacing their new pots and pans sooner and if they should just bite the bullet and buy the expensive name-brand option.

That said, people tend to believe that off-brands do not offer good quality products. Luckily, this is not the case with the Kirkland brand, as most of its products are very high quality.

What Do Customers Say About Kirkland Signature Cookware?

With the Kirkland Signature 12-piece Non-Stick Cookware Set, there are some mixed reviews. In fact, online reviews range from five stars down to one star.

Moreover, here are some reviews found on Costco.com:

One customer says they have used expensive cookware in the past; however, they have bought some Kirkland cookware, and they love it.

Still, another customer starts by saying that they love this set of cookware; it was recommended to them by a home chef, and they are so glad that they decided to pick up a set for themselves.

However, this customer does not recommend this set if you are looking for something that will last, as they notice that the nonstick finish rubs off fairly quickly.

Additionally, another customer agrees as they purchased their cookware 14 months before writing their review and say that the Teflon is already flaking off.

Can You Put Kirkland Signature Cookware In The Oven?

The Kirkland brand has many different types of versatile cookware to meet anyone’s needs in the kitchen.

Further, most kinds of its cookware are very convenient and work well on stove tops such as gas, eclectic, halogen, and ceramic. Plus, you can use them in the oven.

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Kirkland Signature Cookware is a well-known brand with different types of cookware sets. However, these sets are not made in a Kirkland factory, as the company does not have one.

Instead, the company outsources and gets its cookware from a factory in Thailand.

Still, most of its cookware is very convenient and works well on a variety of stove tops and even includes a feature in which the handles stay cool.

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