Who Owns Sony Pictures? (All You Need To Know)

Sony Pictures produces many famous films and television series you’ve probably seen. However, you might wonder if it is related to the larger Sony company or owned by someone else. 

Furthermore, you may have asked the question: Who owns Sony Pictures? Read on to find the answer and learn all you need to know about this popular entertainment company!

Who Owns Sony Pictures In 2024? 

Sony Pictures is an American-based entertainment company owned by the Sony Group Corporation in 2024. Additionally, this large international company is based in Japan but has subsidiaries and affiliates around the world. Furthermore, Sony Pictures is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., which is subsequently a subsidiary of and owned by the larger parent company Sony.  

If you want to know more about Sony Pictures, keep reading. This article will explore how the larger Sony company is organized and how Sony Pictures fits into this mix! 

Is Sony Pictures Owned By Sony?

As you might have guessed, Sony Pictures is owned by Sony. 

Therefore, Sony Pictures is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc. However, it passes through an intermediary company called Sony Films Holding Inc. 

Additionally, Sony Entertainment Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation, and this multinational conglomerate goes by the shortened name “Sony.”

Furthermore, subsidiaries are owned by holding companies– in this case, Sony.

This means Sony owns and controls the shares of Sony Entertainment Inc. and, therefore, Sony Pictures. 

Who Owns The Rights To Sony Pictures?

Sony Pictures operates as a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., which is in turn owned by Sony Group Corporation. 

Therefore, Sony Entertainment Inc. and, subsequently, Sony Group Corporation own the rights to Sony Pictures.  

Is Sony Pictures Owned By Disney?

Disney does not own Sony Pictures as the two are separate entertainment companies. 

However, both are publicly traded, meaning the public can purchase and hold stocks in the company. 

Furthermore, Disney, short for the Walt Disney Corporation, went public in 1957, while Sony first went public in 1955.   

Who Is The Sony Pictures CEO?

Tony Vinciquerra is the Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Furthermore, he started this role in 2017 and is responsible for overseeing the company’s worldwide activities.

However, Kenichiro Yoshida is the CEO of the larger parent company, Sony Group Corporation.

Who Owns Sony Entertainment Television?

Who Owns Sony Entertainment Television?

Sony Entertainment Television (SET) is an Indian Hindi-language paid channel available. 

Furthermore, although most viewers are in India, it is also available in some international locations. 

Additionally, this channel offers a variety of entertainment programs, including dramas and reality TV series. 

Sony Entertainment Television also started a YouTube channel in 2006 and is one of the top subscribed and viewed YouTube channels internationally. 

Who Owns Sony Pictures Television?

Sony Pictures Television is another subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Therefore, it is owned by Sony. 

Furthermore, this company produces television content internationally, with subdivision and collaborations with well-known companies in multiple countries. 

Who Owns Sony Pictures Animation?

Sony also owns Sony Pictures Animation, which is an American company founded in 2002. 

Furthermore, it makes animated films that are then distributed internationally under Columbia Pictures.

Additionally, Sony Pictures Animation is a division of Sony Motion Pictures Entertainment group, which is a subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation.

Ultimately, all the smaller divisions and subsidiaries are owned by Sony. 

Who Bought Sony Pictures?

Despite rumors, Sony Pictures has not been bought. Since Amazon acquired MGM, there was speculation about a potential purchase of Sony Pictures. 

However, CEO and Chairman Kenichiro Yoshida has confirmed that the company is not for sale. 

Who Owns Columbia Pictures Entertainment?

Columbia Pictures Entertainment is an American film studio owned by Sony. 

Furthermore, Sony bought Columbia Pictures from the Coca-Cola Company in 1989 for $3.4 billion.   

Who Is The Owner Of Sony Pictures Networks India?

Sony Pictures Networks India is another name for Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited. 

This India-based company is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a Sony Group subsidiary.

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Sony Pictures is an American entertainment company founded in 1987. Additionally, it produces films, TV series, and other entertainment programs internationally. 

Furthermore, this company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the larger multinational conglomerate Sony Group Corporation. 

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