Why Apple Pay Declined? (9 Reasons Why)

Apple Pay may be one of the best contactless payment methods available, but that doesn’t mean it comes without issues, such as declined transactions. 

So, you may be wondering: what reasons could Apple Pay be declining my payment? If you’d like to find out, continue reading to learn more! 

Why Did Apple Pay Decline in 2024?

Apple Pay could decline because your card was flagged after you tried to make a big purchase, or because your card has expired and you forgot to update the information. Also, Apple Pay servers being down could prevent Apple Pay from working, and entering an incorrect PIN could cause Apple Pay to decline in 2024.

Are you looking for even more reasons why Apple Pay declined? Well, I have found even more possible explanations for this common issue, so read further to learn what I’ve discovered! 

1. A Large Purchase Has Flagged Your Card 

If you’re wondering why Apple Pay declined, it could be because you’ve tried to make a large purchase, which has flagged your card for suspicious activity or fraud. 

However, when this happens, you’re likely to receive a phone call or text from your bank asking if you made the transaction. You can select yes, which will unblock your card. 

2. The Card Linked to Apple Pay Expired 

If Apple Pay has declined, you might want to go into your Wallet and see if the card that you’ve linked to Apple Pay has expired. 

While Apple Pay is convenient, one of the drawbacks is that it’s a digital wallet, which can lead to your card expiring without you remembering to update the card information. 

Therefore, you should regularly check the cards linked to Apple Pay to ensure that you’ve updated the details when you get a new card in the mail to help prevent issues. 

3. Your Network Connection Is Weak 

If you have a weak network connection, then Apple Pay could decline since it may not have a strong enough server connection. 

To illustrate, if you have two signal bars and try to use Apple Pay, it may decline. So, make sure you have three bars if possible before you begin the transaction to ensure it’s successful. 

4. The Purchase Is Overseas 

If you use Apple Pay overseas, there is a chance that the app will decline. This may be if your bank flags the transaction as suspected fraud, especially if you rarely travel. 

That said, if you plan on traveling abroad, you should call your bank so they can allow international purchases so that you’re less likely to experience a decline. 

5. You Have Insufficient Funds

You Have Insufficient Funds

If you’re wondering why Apple Pay declined, you may have insufficient funds in your account to cover the purchase, depending on which card you’re trying to use. 

Therefore, before you make a purchase with Apple Pay, check which card you’re using to ensure you have the right card with enough money. 

6. Changes in Local Laws in Other Countries 

One reason why Apple Pay might decline is that there were changes in local laws in other countries, discounting Apple Pay as an eligible form of payment.

7. Billing Information Is Incorrect 

If you try to use Apple Pay with a card that has different billing information, then Apple Pay will decline. 

Therefore, make sure to keep your billing details updated to prevent transactions from being declined. 

8. Apple Pay Servers Are Down

Sometimes when Apple Pay declines a transaction, the company’s servers may be down, preventing Apple Pay from connecting properly. 

That said, you can use websites like Down Detector or the Apple website to check the status of Apple Pay. So, if you see an outage, then you’ll need to wait for Apple to fix the issue. 

9. You’ve Entered the Wrong PIN 

When you’re rushed for time, you may accidentally enter your PIN wrong, which could be why Apple Pay declined your transaction. 

Also, you may have recently changed your PIN and have forgotten about it, which could result in you entering your old PIN instead of the updated PIN. 

Therefore, make sure that you’re taking your time when entering the PIN to help prevent Apple Pay from declining your transactions. 

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Apple Pay can decline for several reasons, like trying to use a card that has expired and hasn’t been updated in your Wallet. Also, you may have a poor network connection with a weak signal, or you’ve tried to make a big purchase that could flag your card for fraud. 

Furthermore, making purchases in other countries could lead to your bank thinking it was fraudulent, and other issues such as laws in other countries could cause the decline too. 

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