Why Are AirPods Cheaper on Amazon? (5 Reasons Why)

If you’re looking to purchase AirPods, you might be checking out various sites beyond the Apple Store, such as Amazon. However, have you noticed that AirPods are cheaper on Amazon?

Therefore, you’re likely wondering: why are AirPods cheaper on Amazon? Well, I have been looking into this question and have found several reasons, so keep reading to find out the answer! 

Why Are AirPods Cheaper on Amazon in [currentyear]? 

AirPods are cheaper on Amazon because Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple products in [currentyear]. Therefore, Amazon can set what price to sell AirPods and other Apple products. Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t have to worry about the competition on its website. Also, Amazon purchases AirPods in advance and in bulk, allowing Amazon to get a better deal than other retailers. 

Do you want to know the full list of reasons why AirPods are cheaper on Amazon? If so, keep reading because I’ll get into all the details about why you should buy them on Amazon below! 

1. Apple Buys AirPods From Apple in Advance 

AirPods are cheaper on Amazon because Amazon purchases the AirPods directly from Apple in advance, allowing Amazon to sell AirPods at a lower cost. 

Furthermore, since Amazon buys AirPods in advance, they don’t have to worry about selling out very often, so the supply is going to meet the demand and keep the prices low. 

2. Amazon Purchases Apple Products in Bulk 

Amazon purchases Apple products in bulk, which means Amazon is getting a better deal since the company buys so many at once, which allows Amazon to give consumers a better price. 

For example, buying in bulk saves Amazon $50 on each pair of AirPods, the company can afford to sell them at a lower price and still make a profit compared to other stores. 

3. Amazon Purchases AirPods at Wholesale Prices

Amazon Purchases AirPods at Wholesale Prices 

Amazon purchases AirPods at a wholesale price, so Amazon doesn’t have to pay the MSRP.

Overall, this gives Amazon the power to sell AirPods cheaper to consumers.

Also, since Amazon isn’t paying the MSRP, Amazon can still make a little money on each pair sold, even when they’re sold cheaper. 

4. Amazon Offers Prime Day Deals and Other Discounts 

AirPods are cheaper on Amazon because Amazon offers Prime Day deals and runs many other discounts throughout the year, making AirPods cheaper than other retailers. 

Furthermore, when Amazon offers AirPods on Prime Day, you can score them for at least $50 cheaper than Amazon retails them for normally. 

In addition, Amazon regularly offers discounts on AirPods, so even when it’s not Prime Day, you’re likely to find deals, especially on AirPods a generation behind the newest release. 

5. Amazon Is an Authorized Reseller 

Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple Products, which means the company can set its own prices for Apple products, including the AirPods. 

Also, this is why Apple doesn’t offer deals on AirPods or other products since Apple allowed authorized resellers an opportunity to offer discounts on the items and make money. 

Additionally, the Apple Store on Amazon is legit. The only source on Amazon that sells authentic Apple products, so Amazon doesn’t have competition with third-party sellers. 

Therefore, since Amazon is the only seller of Apple products on the website, it can offer better deals since it doesn’t have to worry about a third-party seller undercutting them. 

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AirPods are cheaper on Amazon because Amazon purchases in bulk and at a wholesale price. This means Amazon gets them from Apple for cheaper prices than the MSRP. 

Furthermore, Amazon purchases AirPods in advance from Apple, allowing them to stay stocked and keep the prices low even when the demand is higher for AirPods. In addition, Amazon also has Prime Day discounts and other discounts on Apple products regularly.

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