Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive? (9 Reasons Why)

Have you been looking to purchase AirPods Max, but have noticed that they’re pretty pricey, you may want to know: why are AirPods Max so expensive?

Well, I have been researching this question and have found several reasons for the hefty price tag, so read further to learn what’s behind the cost! 

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive in 2024? 

AirPods Max is so expensive because they come with active noise-canceling, and the level of noise-canceling is superior to any headphones on the market in 2024. Also, these are Apple’s first dabble in over-ear headphones, so you’re paying for the research and development. In addition, the materials used, such as aluminum and stainless steel, impact the price. 

Do you want to know the full list of reasons why AirPods Max is so expensive? If so, don’t stop reading because I have even more to share with you on this topic below! 

1. The Active Noise Canceling Is Unbeatable 

The AirPods Max features a level of active noise-canceling that you can’t find anywhere else, including with other AirPod models. 

Also, active noise-canceling gives you the best audio possible, whether on an airplane or in a room with the fan turned up high. 

Therefore, you’ll hear crisp and clear sound from AirPods Max and won’t hear anything going on around you; It’s nearly impossible to find any product that can beat Apple with this feature. 

However, one drawback to active noise-canceling is that, unless you have an Apple device, you can’t really turn it off.

2. They Are Apple’s First Over-Ear Headphones 

One reason why AirPods Max is so expensive is that this is the first pair of over-ear headphones that Apple has released. 

Therefore, there was a lot of research, development, and design that went into the first generation of Apple’s over-ear headphones, and you pay for that in the expensive price tag. 

3. Microphone Quality Is Amazing 

AirPods Max has an incredible microphone with them that doesn’t distort your voice when you’re on the phone or recording a video, so that goes into the price of the AirPods Max. 

Also, with the AirPods Max, you will have consistent audio quality, regardless of what you’re doing.

So, if microphone quality is important, it’s worth paying the money for this higher-quality microphone. 

4. The Comfortable Design 

One reason AirPods Max is expensive is that they have been designed for ultimate comfort, including the knit mesh headband and ear cushions. 

Furthermore, the arms on each side are adjustable to fit your head shape.

In fact, the headband itself is designed to reduce the pressure on your head and distribute the weight more evenly. 

However, you’re paying for the level of comfort that you’ll get with AirPods Max, which is next level compared to nearly any other over-ear headphones that you’ve owned. 

5. Apple Is a Luxury Brand

Apple Is a Luxury Brand 

All Apple products are expensive, regardless of what the product is, because Apple is a luxury brand, meaning people are going to pay more money to own products that Apple releases. 

In addition, Apple knows people are willing to pay a higher price to own Apple products, so Apple can charge higher prices and get them because of the luxury element of its brand. 

6. The Design Is Aesthetically Pleasing But Expensive 

When you look at AirPods Max, you can see how aesthetically appealing they are. However, this design was not cheap to produce, which factors into the expense of AirPods Max. 

For example, the AirPods Max has acoustic mesh that is made from stainless steel, and there are also magnets and aluminum in these headphones, which cost more money. 

Also, the AirPods Max has silicone, so when you look at the design, you see something that’s beautiful but costly to produce on a mass scale, and you pay for this in the retail price. 

7. The Various Color Options Available 

Apple made the AirPods Max in a variety of pastel colors, which means you have a lot of variety in the color options available. However, this variety increases the costs to the consumer. 

8. The H₁ Chips For Better Sound 

AirPods Max comes with the H₁ chips that are in the AirPods, so you’re paying more money to get this higher-quality sound that the H₁ chips offer. 

However, because Apple is using these high-powered chips in these headphones, you’ll to pay a higher retail price, since it costs money to incorporate them into the headphones. 

9. Spatial Audio Feature 

The AirPods Max has a spatial audio feature, which means these headphones will track your head position and move your audio to fit that movement of your head in real time. 

Furthermore, this feature is often found in gaming headsets, but not in regular headphones. So, the fact that Apple included it in the AirPods Max drives up the cost because it’s special. 

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AirPods Max is expensive because they contain spatial audio, which is found in gaming headsets and will adjust the audio to move when your head moves in real-time. 

In addition, AirPods Max is the first over-ear headphone set developed by Apple, so a first-generation is going to be more expensive than a third or fourth. 

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