Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive? (9 Reasons Why)

If you have been considering buying an Apple Watch but have been hesitant because of the price, you may want to know: why are Apple Watches so expensive?

If so, don’t stop reading because I’ve been looking into this question and have found several reasons for the price of AirPods, so read on to learn what I’ve discovered! 

Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive in 2024?

Apple Watches are expensive because they work with the Apple ecosystem, so you pay for Apple products that have higher functionality and integration within the Apple world. Also, the durability of the Apple Watch and the convenience of being able to do many tasks from the watch and not your iPhone go into the higher cost in 2024.

Are you looking for even more reasons to explain why Apple Watches are so expensive? Well, I have the full list that will explain it all below, so read further to find out! 

1. Built-In Microphone & Speaker 

If you’ve been wondering why Apple Watches are so expensive, you have to consider that the Apple Watch has a built-in speaker and microphone. 

Furthermore, this is one of the most useful and popular features of the Apple Watch, as you can communicate with people through call or text, and even talk to Siri using it. 

2. Durability of the Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch is expensive because it’s incredibly durable and was designed with some of the best materials available. 

For example, the more expensive Apple Watches are made from titanium or steel, so you’re going to pay more for those higher-quality materials that are made to last. 

With these higher-quality materials, you can cycle, participate in outdoor activities, and even go into the water since, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. 

Additionally, Apple has to purchase these materials to make the Apple Watch durable, so those costs get passed down to the consumer. 

3. The GPS Is Incredibly Accurate 

One reason the Apple Watch is expensive is that it comes with an incredibly accurate built-in GPS, which allows you to find your location, regardless of where you’re at. 

Also, this GPS is there to help you track your speed, distance, pace, and other data, and the accuracy of it required specific hardware and software that Apple had to integrate into it. 

Therefore, when looking at the price, you have to consider how Apple integrated this highly-accurate GPS and how useful this feature would be. 

4. Integration Within the Apple Ecosystem 

Apple Watches are expensive because you’re paying for the integration with the Apple ecosystem so that the watch can function with other Apple devices and products. 

For instance, you can use Siri from your Apple Watch, have access to your notifications, download apps, etc., so you’re paying for this integration with Apple services and products. 

5. It’s an Extension of Your iPhone

It’s an Extension of Your iPhone

While you can’t do everything that you can do on your iPhone, the Apple Watch is like an extension of your iPhone, including the ability to text and call from your Apple Watch. 

Furthermore, the fact that the Apple Watch acts similarly to your iPhone goes into the cost, since it gives you the freedom to do a variety of tasks from your wrist without the phone nearby. 

6. The Apple Watch Is a Quality Fitness Tracker 

What makes Apple Watches expensive is that it’s a high-quality fitness tracker that works better than others, since it’s built for those in health and fitness. 

To illustrate, you have three Activity Rings on the Apple Watch that are for standing, moving, and exercising, and each ring fills up the more you do each activity. 

Also, you can check your workout goals, set up challenges with other people, track your heart rate, and so much more with the Apple Watch. 

7. Apple Is a Luxury Brand 

The Apple Watch is expensive because it’s made by Apple, which is considered a luxury brand, so you’re paying more money to own an Apple product. 

Further, people are willing to pay good money to own an Apple product, and there is a loyal following with Apple, so you combine all of this and it will come with a higher price tag. 

8. Apple Uses High-Quality Hardware & Software 

The Apple Watch has a lot of high-quality hardware and software built into it, and each component is made from materials that aren’t cheap and won’t break within a few weeks. 

Therefore, you’re paying higher costs to own a product that comes with hardware and software that is more reliable and durable than a cheap smartwatch made by a generic company. 

Also, people know that Apple uses higher-quality software and hardware. As well, they know when they purchase an Apple Watch it’ll last them a long time, so the price is worth it. 

9. Apple Pay Integration 

The Apple Watch allows you to use Apple Pay seamlessly anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted and using the Apple Watch to use Apple Pay is more convenient than using your iPhone. 

For example, you can just point the watch at the card reader and pay for an item with Apple Pay so it’s on your wrist to use anytime you need.

Further, no biometric authentication like Face ID is required. 

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The Apple Watch is expensive because Apple is a luxury brand, so people are willing to pay higher prices to own such devices. Also, the Apple Watch is an extension of your iPhone so you can use Apple Pay, text or call people, or see your notifications from your Apple Watch.

However, some of the costs associated with the Apple Watch come from the fact it’s made from high-quality hardware and software, so those costs are passed down to the consumer. 

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