Why Is Domino’s Not Delivering? (9 Reasons Why)

Domino’s is one of the top pizza chains in the world and is a go-to for many who love to get pizza delivered. Delivery is an essential part of Domino’s’ company structure.

However, sometimes people are disappointed to find out that their favorite Domino’s store is not currently delivering. But why does this happen? We’ve done the research, so here is all we found!

Why Is Domino’s Not Delivering In 2024?

If your local Domino’s store is not delivering, there are several possible reasons why in 2024. First, many Domino’s locations are experiencing labor shortages, including delivery drivers. Sometimes, Domino’s might deliver to your door, but because of an online glitch or mapping error, you may have to order over the phone to get a pizza delivered.

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1. Changes In Delivery Hours

If you are used to ordering delivery from your local Domino’s at a specific time of day or night, but the store has stopped offering delivery, a change in the delivery hours may be the cause.

For example, many restaurants have had to adjust their operating hours to suit the number of employees they have working.

That said, these changes may come suddenly and confuse loyal customers who are used to ordering at certain times.

2. Few Job Applicants

Over the past couple of years, restaurants and other businesses have experienced global staffing shortages.

Essentially, not enough people are applying for jobs to support the demand for these services.

Domino’s is no exception. That said, the company is experiencing very low staff at many locations, which may leave a store with fewer delivery drivers or none at all.

3. Re-Mapping Delivery Areas

Sometimes, when multiple Domino’s locations exist in a certain area, the stores will remap their delivery radiuses.

That said, this means that you might now be inside the delivery radius of a different Domino’s store then you were before.

Of course, this can get confusing, but using the store locator to check which nearby locations deliver to your neighborhood should help.

4. Issues With Online Ordering

It is common to have problems when ordering through the Domino’s app or website. Sometimes, an error makes it seem like Domino’s won’t deliver to your address.

With that, an easy way to get around this problem is to call the store’s local number to ask whether they deliver to your neighborhood and then order over the phone.

To find a specific store’s phone number, you can use the store locator on the Domino’s app and type in your address.

Once you see the location you want, you can click “more info” to see the number.

5. New Development Addresses

5. New Development Addresses Domino's

Occasionally, a house or apartment is in a newly developed neighborhood, where addresses do not always show up yet on some maps.

If you are experiencing this issue, the best way to address it is by calling Domino’s local phone number. You can explain the problem and ask if they can still deliver to your home.

Further, an employee should be able to note your address over the phone and have it delivered without the need for any online ordering system.

6. Drivers Are Out Sick

With occasional spikes in COVID-19 cases or the flu, it is common to have multiple restaurant employees out sick.

Even if an employee doesn’t feel very ill, it is unsafe for them to work around food when carrying an illness, especially a contagious respiratory one.

Therefore, it could be that your local Domino’s store happens to be low on delivery drivers due to sickness. If this is the case, you should still be able to do a carryout order.

7. Employees Quitting Often

Recent months have seen an increase in the number of people quitting restaurant jobs, another factor leading to Domino’s having staffing shortages.

With not enough people working to support the demand for pizza and other food from Domino’s, the company cannot always make deliveries as often as it used to.

8. Outside Of Delivery Radius

If you moved to a new area, or even if you haven’t moved at all, you may now be outside of Domino’s delivery radius.

With gas prices increasing, it is not surprising that Domino’s stores want to save time and money by only delivering to nearby houses and apartments.

Unfortunate as this is, most Domino’s locations offer carryout nearly as long as the store does delivery.

Also, you may want to check whether there is another pizza delivery restaurant that happens to be closer to you.

9. Domino’s Is Trying To Encourage More Carry-Out Orders

With all of these factors in mind, and especially with the shortage of delivery drivers, Domino’s has been encouraging its customers to pick up their orders rather than have them delivered.

For instance, Domino’s ran a promotion deal that gave customers a $3 “tip” if they picked up their pizza in-store. This $3 tip was a discount that would go toward their order the next week.

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Domino’s may temporarily shut down delivery due to low staff. With low job applicants and frequent resignations, it is common to find a restaurant with not enough employees.

Other times, you may simply be experiencing an online error or a problem with mapping.

Therefore, you may want to call the store’s local number to sort things out and hopefully get your pizza delivered.

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