Why Is Verizon Customer Service So Bad? (11 Reasons Why)

Do you have Verizon or are thinking about switching to Verizon, but you want to know why Verizon customer service is so bad?

Well, I’ve been researching why the Verizon customer service is so bad, and I’ll share what I’ve discovered with you below!

Why Is Verizon Customer Service So Bad In 2024?

Verizon customer service is so bad because it takes so long to get to a live agent since you have to go through the automated system as of 2024. Also, a lack of coordination between departments occurs, there’s a lot of constant transferring and being on hold, and the live agents are rude to the customers.

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1. No Coordination Between Other Departments

If you’ve been asking why is Verizon’s customer service so bad, one of the biggest reasons is that there is no coordination between the other departments.

For example, if you have an issue and call the customer service number as a customer did, they may tell you to contact the Activation Department for your problem and not assist you.

However, the Activation Department may tell you to call the Credit Department, and none of the departments coordinate with one another when there is an issue.

2. Hard To Talk To A Live Agent

Online reviewers have complained that it’s hard to talk to a live agent, making Verizon customer service terrible since you have to go through the automated prompts.

Furthermore, the complaint is that you have to try to say what you want in multiple ways to reach customer service agents, and it takes too long to explain your problem correctly.

3. Long Wait Times & Constantly On Hold

There are very long wait times when you’re trying to contact Verizon customer service, which is something customers online have mentioned.

For example, it could take you ten minutes to get to the option to speak with a live agent, but then you’re on hold for another 30 minutes or more to get through to the live agent.

4. Short-Staffed Customer Service Department

Verizon has a short-staffed customer service department, making customer service worse than before since it increases wait times and leads to customer frustration.

Also, because Verizon is short-staffed a lot, the agents are more short-tempered with customers because they are too busy for the number of agents working.

5. Rude Customer Service Agents

Going along with being short-staffed, the rude customer service agents are part of why Verizon customer service is so bad because they act like they don’t want to help you.

For example, you may find they are short with you or are not friendly and may act like you don’t know what you’re talking about when you do.

6. Mess Up Accounts Often

One common issue people have complained about online is that the Verizon customer service representatives mess up accounts regularly, creating confusion.

Furthermore, the representatives may pull up the wrong account, have the incorrect name attached to your account, or mess up the products and services you have on your account.

7. Representatives Don’t Speak English

7. Representatives Don’t Speak English Verizon

Another common complaint customers have with Verizon is that the customer service representatives don’t speak proper English, and most representatives are in India.

Additionally, having representatives who don’t speak English at all or very well is frustrating to consumers since it can lead to miscommunication and account errors.

On top of that, Verizon has millions of customers based within the United States, where English is their first language.

8. Promised Changes Aren’t Made to Accounts

Verizon customer service is so bad because the customer service agents do not make the promised changes to your account, so you have to call to get it changed repeatedly.

For example, if your account was supposed to have an additional feature or service added, you might find it takes a few phone calls to get that feature added and working.

9. Promotions Not Delivered

Verizon customer service also doesn’t deliver on the promotions they tell customers they will be getting on their accounts, such as a discount for a particular service or product.

However, in some cases, the issue is that the customer isn’t eligible for the promotion even though the representative said they were, which is purely unacceptable.

10. Horrible With Canceling Services

The Verizon customer service is so bad because customers have a terrible time trying to cancel services and products, but adding products to your account isn’t often an issue.

Therefore, if you want to cancel your Verizon services, you have to be very firm and continue to demand that you want to cancel since the agents don’t listen to what you have to say.

11. Different Answers Depending On Who You Talk To

A significant issue with Verizon customer service is the lack of coordination and communication, which means you will get different answers to your question depending on who you talk to.

For example, if you want to know whether you’re eligible for a promotion or special offer, you may have one agent tell you, yes, but another agent looks up your account and tells you no.

Also, you may have technical issues you’re calling about, and one technician might tell you to do one thing while another agent has you try something completely different.

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The main reason why Verizon customer service is so bad is that the customer service uses an automated system, so it’s difficult to know how to get to a live agent.

Additionally, once you get to a live agent, you might be on hold from anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes and then not understand them because they are in India.

Also, you may be trying to cancel your services and have found that the agents don’t care and seem unwilling to cancel services or make changes to your account.

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