Will My Apple Watch Work Without An iPhone? (All You Need To Know)

Are you thinking of purchasing an Apple Watch, but want to know: will an Apple Watch work without an iPhone before you buy it? Do you want to know if you need an iPhone to activate it? 

Well, I have been looking into this question and have all you need to know about it below so keep reading to find out the answer and more! 

Will My Apple Watch Work Without An iPhone In [currentyear]? 

An Apple Watch will work without an iPhone nearby, but you will need an iPhone to activate the Apple Watch initially in [currentyear].  However, once you’ve activated the Apple Watch, you can connect to WiFi or Cellular and use your watch without your iPhone nearby, and you can also have some functionality without your iPhone. 

Do you want to know even more about the Apple Watch, such as if you can use it without owning an iPhone? If so, don’t stop reading because I have even more to share with you! 

Does Apple Watch Work Without Your iPhone Close By?

You can use your Apple Watch without your iPhone close by if you’re connected to WiFi or the Cellular data option. 

However, you won’t have full functionality with your Apple Watch if your iPhone is not close by,

Furthermore, below is a list of things you can do without your iPhone on your Apple watch: 

  • Stream Music
  • Use Maps
  • Send or receive messages
  • Answer or make phone calls
  • Use Siri 
  • Use Apple Pay 
  • Control your home 
  • Control and manage your stocks
  • Check the weather forecast 
  • Find friends
  • Listen to your podcasts
  • Use Walkie-Talkie
  • Set up reminders
  • Listen to the radio 

Will My Apple Watch Work If My iPhone Isn’t Running?

Your Apple Watch will work without your iPhone running as long as you’ve already activated and paired your Apple Watch with the iPhone. 

However, without your iPhone running, you’ll be limited to the functionality and features listed above, and you may have other limitations depending on the model of your Apple Watch. 

Additionally, if you don’t have access to your iPhone and don’t have a cellular or WiFi connection, you can still do some basic tasks on your Apple Watch such as the following: 

  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Use Apple Pay 
  • Use the stopwatch 
  • Use the alarms
  • Set up timers
  • Listen to music that’s been downloaded onto the Apple Watch 
  • Listen to podcasts that were downloaded to your Apple Watch 
  • View photos you’ve synced to the Apple Watch 
  • Use the Activity app 
  • Use the Workout app 
  • Check the time 

Can You Make Calls On Your Apple Watch Without Your iPhone?

Can You Make Calls On Your Apple Watch Without Your iPhone?

You can make calls on your Apple Watch without your iPhone if you have a WiFi connection or can connect over cellular.

However, your iPhone will need to be turned on for you to make calls. 

Furthermore, you will need to have already activated and paired your iPhone with your Apple Watch to have this ability. 

Can Apple Watch Series 7 Work Without An iPhone?

The Apple Watch Series 7 will work without an iPhone since it comes with a W3 chip, although there are two different models available including GPS + Cellular and just GPS models. 

For example, with the GPS model, you can use it via WiFi only, whereas the GPS + Cellular model can connect to your LTE network without using your iPhone. 

Can I Use My Apple Watch Without Pairing It To An iPhone? 

Unfortunately, you cannot use an Apple Watch if you do not pair it first with an iPhone and activate it.

However, if you do not own an iPhone, you can use someone else’s iPhone to pair your Apple Watch to. 

Do Apple Watches Work With Androids?

You cannot use an Apple Watch with an Android device since you’re required to activate and pair the Apple Watch with an iOS device. 

Therefore, if you have an Android device, you should look at other smartwatches that are made for Android or support the Android operating system since an Apple Watch does not. 

Can You Connect Apple Watches Directly To Wi-Fi?

You can connect your Apple Watch directly to WiFi once you’ve activated and paired your Apple Watch to your iPhone. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to set up the WiFi connection on your Apple Watch if you follow the steps below: 

  • Open “Settings” on the Apple Watch 
  • Select “WiFi” 
  • Your Apple Watch will search for networks
  • Click on the WiFi network you want to join
  • Enter the password if prompted
  • Select “Join” to connect 

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Apple Watches will work without an iPhone nearby, however, you’ll need to have access to an iPhone to first activate and pair your watch with before you’re able to use it. 

Furthermore, you will have access to certain functions and features without your iPhone such as messages and calls if you connect the Apple Watch to WiFi or Cellular. 

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