15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Clothes (Trying On Clothes, Returns + More)

Costco carries an affordable and stylish clothing section, which has been gaining a lot of attention recently.

But what brands and sizes does Costco sell? If you’d like to find out more, read below for 15 things to know before buying Costco clothes!

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Clothes In 2024

1. Costco Clothes Include Kirkland Signature Label Apparel

Like most everything else in the store, Costco sells clothing under its store-brand label, Kirkland Signature.

These include a lot of basics, such as t-shirts, pants, leggings, hoodies, robes, and footwear.

As well, the prices of clothing either include multiples or are discounted by a certain amount when you buy more than one.

2. Costco Clothes Can Also Include Major Name Brands

In addition to the Kirkland Signature brand, Costco carries many other brands, some of the name brands, and some of them are designer.

You might find the following clothing brands at Costo:

  • UGG
  • Calvin Klein
  • Lucky Brand
  • Columbia
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Disney, Puma
  • Skechers
  • Fila
  • Maidenform
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Levi’s

3. Costco Clothes Can Save You Money

If you know anything about the ins and outs of Costco pricing, it’s that the company doesn’t mark up anything more than 15 percent, which also applies to clothes.

While the Kirkland Signature pieces aren’t always the cheapest for what you’re getting (a hoodie can cost $26.99 online, for example), that does mean the brand name labels are a steal.

For example, this Calvin Klein women’s 3-in-1 coat is only $54.99, while a very similar jacket on Amazon costs over $110. That’s quite consistent with what you’d pay for a Calvin Klein jacket on the brand’s website, where all the coats retail prices are over $100.

4. Even Your Kids and Babies Have Costco Clothes Options

Costco clothes are available for kids and babies, in addition to adult sizes. Sizes start at Infant to 24 months, then 2T up to 5T, then start again in Youth XXS up to Youth XL.

The brands and options are quite impressive, as Costco stocks BCBG, Disney, Eddie Bauer, even Betsey Johnson, and include sweats and PJs, as well as shoes, socks, and outerwear.

5. You’ll Need a Membership to Buy Some Costco Clothes In-Store and Online

Costco sells a decent selection of clothing to the general public, including online, which may be shipped to your home. However, there are some pieces that are exclusive, even online, to members.

You can tell which is which by a red “C” logo, along with the words “Member Only Item” above the item name.

6. The Costco Clothing Selection is Modest and Diverse

Internet authors have panned the Costco clothes section, saying that you can find better deals and selections at discount stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

Costco clothes come in a variety of types – sweaters, t-shirts, pants, leggings, etc. – with only one or two different styles of that particular type.

7. Costco Clothes are Especially Great If You Need Basic Items

One thing that stands out about Costco clothing is that while you won’t find any specialty items – overly designed sweaters or tailored suits – you can find terrific basics such as sweatpants and t-shirts.

8. You Won’t be Trying On Costco Clothes in Store

8. You Won’t be Trying On Costco Clothes in Store

Costco is a warehouse store, with much of its space devoted to selling things in bulk, there are no dressing rooms.

Rather, everything is laid out on tables or hung simply on racks. However, you can approximate your size (or buy two different sizes), take them home, try them on (keep the tags on) and then bring back whatever doesn’t fit.

9. Costco Clothes are Returnable

Costco clothes make for easy returns, especially if the clothes still have tags and you have your receipt.

Per the Costco website, “It helps if you have the receipt or original product packaging, but it may not be necessary to process your return.” Such is the benefit of Costco’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

10. Costco Clothes Generate More Sales Than Old Navy

Costco regularly sells over $7 billion worth of clothing, which is more than Old Navy, a chain devoted entirely to apparel.

In fact, Costco clothes generate more sales than Neiman Marcus and Ralph Lauren, too.

11. Look for Costco Clothes With Prices Ending .97 Cents

Apparel that ends with a .97 is being sold for less than what Costco paid to obtain it, which is why it’s considered a steal.

Actually, this is more common in other areas of the store, but it is totally possible to find apparel, usually marked down, that falls under the .97 rule.

12. Find the Latest Costco Clothes Online First

Costco clothing is updated on the website frequently, so if you’d like to see what’s in stock before you head out, you can check there.

This is a great way to see what’s new, where prices are, and if you see something you really want, you can snap it up then and there and go pick it up later.

13. You Can Nab a Wedding Dress from the Costco Clothes Department

Believe it or not, Costco clothes departments sometimes sell wedding gowns.

In a collaboration with designer Kirstie Kelly, the traveling trunk show visits different stores and features a line of six wedding gowns, priced $700 to $1400, in sizes 2-24.

Maybe the timing will be just right and you’ll pick up the gown of your wedding dreams at up to 40 percent off regular retail prices.

14. Try Costco Leggings

There is a persistent rumor that the women’s Kirkland Signature leggings are actually from the luxury brand Lululemon.

While this rumor is likely false, shoppers feel the Kirkland Signature pair is an incredible dupe for the $100+ leggings from Lululemon.

From the quality (they wash surprisingly well) to the price – just $17 – the Costco leggings are an amazing value buy if you can find them.

15. The Plain White T-Shirt from Costco Clothes are Choice

The other product from the Costco clothing line is the Kirkland Signature plain white t-shirts, which customers are getting hyped over.

InsideHook wrote a piece on the men’s t-shirts, which come in a pack of six, for about $20.

Over on Reddit, commenters were laying on the praise, such as the following comments:

  • “Best white tees out there.”
  • “Kirkland white tees are fantastic.”

As well, many remarked that these shirts were a good length, particularly for taller individuals.

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Costco clothing from both the Kirkland Signature label and the brand names carried is a good deal, especially if you only want to make one trip and you need some basics.

What’s more, the rotating stock inspires something like an “Aldi Finds” treasure hunt-type situation, where shoppers can, if they’re willing to put in the time, find some real gems.

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