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Marques Thomas graduated with a MBA in 2011. Since then, Marques has worked in the retail and consumer service industry as a manager, advisor, and marketer. Marques is also the head writer and founder of

Are KFC Mashed Potatoes Real?

Are KFC Mashed Potatoes Real

KFC mashed potatoes aren’t made from fresh potatoes but are an instant potato recipe. KFC mashed potatoes aren’t vegan because the ingredients contain milk. Also, … Read More

USPS Origin Facilities

USPS Origin Facility

USPS delivers mail quickly and accurately thanks to its sophisticated delivery network. This network comprises origin facilities, regional facilities, and processing centers. In this article, … Read More

IKEA Target Market

McDonald’s Target Market

IKEA’s innovative furniture designs and various space-saving products attract customers from all over the world. Additionally, the unique furniture attracts customers living in vastly different … Read More

Amazon Background Check Policy

Amazon Background Check Policy

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the U.S. This e-commerce giant has job opportunities at every level. If you’re interested in working at Amazon, you … Read More