*228 Verizon (What It Means, How It Works + More)

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What Is *228 from Verizon In [currentyear]?

*228 Verizon was used on Verizon’s 3G devices to update the Preferred Roaming List or PRL, and it was recommended every 3 months or when you switched price plans. Furthermore, it was used to activate other 3G devices. However, dialing *228 does not work on either 4G LTE devices or 5G devices from Verizon as of [currentyear].

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How Does *228 Verizon Work?

Previously, Verizon customers could dial *228 from their Verizon phone to begin the update to the Preferred Roaming List, which is called PRL.

This is the software behind your ability to roam on the Verizon network.

At the time, Verizon recommended that customers dial *228  around every three months or every time a customer changed their plan.

Once you dial the number, you would press option 2, which allowed you to update the roaming capability of your device, and after it finished updating, a confirmation message could be heard.

Furthermore, there would be a confirmation of the update on your screen so you would know once that update had finished.

What Were the Benefits of Dialing *228 Verizon?

If you had a 3G device, you could get several benefits by just dialing *228 occasionally to update your Preferred Roaming List, including:

  • Less dropped calls
  • Better coverage throughout the Verizon coverage area
  • A longer battery life
  • More clear connections when on a voice call
  • Better signal strength on the cellular network

Why Isn’t *228 Verizon Working?

Why Isn’t *228 Verizon Working?

If you still have a 3G device and have tried to dial *228 Verizon and it’s not working, there are a few different reasons why this could be happening, such as:

  • Your phone isn’t a 3G device and *228 doesn’t work with 4G or 5G devices, so it could be blocked by your phone
  • Cell phone tower issues
  • You’re not in a location where you can connect to the Verizon network
  • A software problem on your phone can prevent you from updating the Preferred Roaming List

How to Fix *228 When it’s Not Working

If you’re trying to dial *228 Verizon and it’s not working, then potential fixes for the *228 errors would include that you try to move to a location where you have 3G coverage.

Also, you can try to remove your SIM card and reinsert the SIM card to see if that helps as your phone could have lost connection to the Verizon network.

Does Verizon Still Use *228?

Verizon is ending service for 3G devices at the end of [currentyear].

Therefore, once Verizon shuts down the 3G network at the end of [currentyear], you won’t be able to dial *228 anymore since everyone will need to move to either 4G or 5G.

What Is the Code to Update Towers for Verizon?

If you want to update the towers for Verizon, the code is *228, which is how you can update your 3G device to connect to the local towers that Verizon has within your area.

Furthermore, you’ll need to press “2” when you’re prompted and that begins the update to the Verizon towers.

However, the update to the Preferred Roaming List can take up to 2 minutes to complete, so be patient while your phone performs this action.

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*228 Verizon was used on 3G devices to perform a Preferred Roaming List update or to activate the devices, and it was suggested you perform this update every three months.

Furthermore, the update could give you better cell phone reception, make your voice calls more clear, give you better roaming coverage, and improve the Verizon network connection.

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