Advance Auto Parts AAA Discount (Is There One + Other Ways to Save)

Advance Auto Parts offers customers several ways to save money by providing discounts, seasonal offers, and deals.

Therefore, if you have registered with American Automobile Association (AAA) for its roadside assistance services, will Advance Auto Parts offer you an AAA discount? Here’s what I discovered.

Does Advance Auto Parts AAA Have a Discount In 2024?

Unfortunately, Advance Auto does not offer an AAA discount to its clients as of 2024. However, if you are an AAA member, there are other ways to save money when purchasing auto parts and accessories from one of these stores. You can take advantage of the coupon codes, seasonal deals, specific product offers, and Advance Auto’s price matching policy.

Read on if you want to learn more about how AAA members can save when shopping at Advance Auto Parts!

Will You Get a AAA Discount at Advance Auto Parts?

While AAA has multiple discount options available for its members, Advance Auto Parts does not have these discounts available.

Therefore, AAA members have to take advantage of other ways they can save when shopping at any of these stores.

Can You Get the AAA Discount If You Shop Online at Advance Auto Parts?

Whether you shop in-store or via, you will not get any AAA membership discounts, because Advance Auto Parts is not a partner.

What Other Ways Can AAA Members Save at Advance Auto Parts?

Now that AAA members can’t get a discount at Advance Auto Parts, here are some ways they can save money when purchasing parts and accessories:

Speed Perks Program

AAA members can take advantage of the Speed Perks program at Advance Auto Parts, allowing customers to earn bonus points and redeem rewards when they purchase popular products.

This Speed Perks program comes with exclusive perks for different members.

You can choose the basic club level, which is free, or go for the VIP membership if you spend more than $200 and, the Elite level when you spend over $500.

To enjoy the benefits of this program, you can register for an Advance Auto Parts account and add your info. You can get this program at every Advance Auto Parts store.

Discount Coupon Codes

Discount Coupon Codes Advance

Advance Auto Parts offers coupon codes that AAA members can use to save money when purchasing products.

As of March 2024, Advance Auto Parts offers 20% off orders worth more than $100.

If you’re a AAA member, you can check the company website for updated coupon codes because most of them change monthly and seasonally.

You can also consult the store managers and staff at the Advance Auto Parts stores to get details about the coupon codes you can use to save money.

Special Product Offers

Advance Auto Parts has product offers on specific products. As a AAA member, you can take advantage of some of these offers to save money.

Advance Auto Parts usually has an oil change bundle offer if you need to buy oil for your car.

Additionally, there are ongoing product offers on parts such as brake pads and rotors. Advance Auto Parts has a 15% discount if you purchase Carquest brake pads and two Carquest rotors.

This is one of the ways to save money when purchasing specific parts and accessories.

These offers are normally listed on the website, but you can also talk to the employees for more details.

Seasonal Offers

Like most retailers, Advance Auto Parts also has seasonal offers during periods such as Christmas and Easter.

AAA members can use these offers to get parts and buy gifts for their loved ones during the holiday period.

Therefore, before any holiday season, you can check the website for upcoming offers and save money.

Price Matching

Advance Auto Parts has a price matching policy that AAA members can use to get a lower price on parts and accessories.

For the retailer to price match, the product should be available at competing stores on the same day.

Additionally, the item should be comparable or identical, of similar size, weight, quality, color, warranty, and manufacturer number.

You’ll also need to provide proof of the competitor’s price. If you’re using a competitor ad to get a price match, you must provide the entire print advertisement, photos, or photocopies.

Mobile phone versions of the ad will not be accepted for the price match.

Which Other Auto Stores Offer AAA Discounts?

If you want to know whether an auto retailer offers the AAA discount, you need to check the website for a list of all the providers.

You can also get the automotive providers that provide this discount.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy auto parts and accessories and use the AAA membership, you can go to NAPA Auto Parts.

If you’re a AAA member, you can save 10% off on different auto parts and accessories if you shop from participating NAPA Auto Parts stores.

To get this 10% discount, you’ll need to show your AAA membership card at the NAPA checkout.

If you’re shopping online, you can enter your membership information at the checkout or during home deliveries.

In addition, some products such as antifreeze, battery chargers, engine transmissions, heaters, brake fluids, and spark plugs are exempt from the discount.

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Advance Auto doesn’t offer a AAA discount to its clients currently. However, if you are a AAA member, there are other ways to save money when purchasing auto parts and accessories from one of these stores.

You can take advantage of the coupon codes, seasonal deals, specific product offers, and Advance Auto’s price matching policy.

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