Amazon Check Stub (How to Check It, Viewing Online + More)

Have you ever been confused about what the numbers on your Amazon check stub mean, or how to find your check stub online?

If so, this post includes a step-by-step guide on checking your Amazon pay stub, explaining what each number means. This article is perfect for new employees who are just starting their first day at work, so keep reading!

How Do I Find My Amazon Check Stub In 2024?

Amazon employees can easily view check stubs and other benefits on the employee human resources (EHR) website in 2024. New employees must set up an EHR account. Employees must have either their Amazon login and password or Amazon ID number to access the website. If an employee is terminated, they must get their check stub from Amazon human resources.

In order to learn how to establish a new account to view an Amazon check stub online, including how to understand the information on your check stub, keep reading!

What Information Is Required to Access an Amazon Check Stub Online?

For an Amazon employee to access their Amazon check stub online, they must have the following information:

  • Amazon employee credentials
  • Laptop, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone
  • Secure Internet Connection

How Can Employees View Their Amazon Check Stub Online?

For an employee to view their Amazon check stub online, they will first need to log in to the Amazon employee human resources website.

From there, you can go to the Amazon Benefits home screen. 

Next, the employee will be prompted to enter their Amazon employee username.

This username was provided to them by the company and can be recovered if forgotten. Once the user name is entered, click on the “Next” button.

Finally, the system will ask for a password to complete the sign-in process.

How Can an Amazon Employee Recover a Forgotten Username?

When an employee has difficulty logging in to the benefits site, they can quickly recover their username.

Simply click on the “Forgot Username Link,” and answer the following system-generated questions:

  • First, employees will be asked if they can remember the login ID provided by Amazon. Here the response options are “Yes” or “No.”
  • If “Yes” is selected, the system will require the employee to enter their Amazon ID number, the last four digits of their SSN, and birthdate (in the MM/DD/CCYY format).

After the above steps are completed, employees will have access to their benefits information if it matches the employee file.

How Do New Amazon Employees Register for Online Access to Their Check Stub?

How Do New Amazon Employees Register for Online Access to Their Check Stub?

When you are a newly hired Amazon employee, it’s mandatory to register for the online benefits website.

Simply follow these steps to set up your benefits account quickly:

  1. First, when the employee accesses the website, they will be asked if they are a “First time user?”
  2. Here, the employee will click on the link for “Create an account,” which is found under the “Next” button.
  3. Next, the system will send the employee to the “Forgot Username” page.
  4. On this page, the employee will need to follow the prompts listed in the above section, beginning with entering the Amazon ID.
  5. Finally, click next to proceed.

If there are any issues during the setup process, contact the Amazon employee helpdesk at 1-866-644-2696.

However, for employees to understand their Amazon check stub, they must figure out what each number on the check stub means. 

On the check stubs, the first number tells the total hours worked.

Second is the total hours paid, calculated by dividing the hours worked by 40.

Finally, third is the overtime hours.

Fourth is sick pay, which is typically not included in your paycheck but will show up on this line if you have used sick time.

Fifth is your net pay, which consists of any deductions – like taxes- taken out of your paycheck before being deposited into your bank account.

How Can Employees View Their Amazon Check Stub Online After Being Fired?

If an employee has been fired from Amazon, they can’t view their check pay stub online. This is because Amazon will restrict their access to the EHR website.

Instead, terminated employees will need to contact Amazon human resources to access their final check stub.

How Can Employees View Their Amazon W2 Form Online?

Your Amazon W2 form is an annual tax document reflecting your previous year’s earnings, and the W-2 form summarizes your total income and withholding.

Employees can print out a copy of their Amazon W-2 form from the EHR website, but they will need to know their Amazon 10 digit employer ID number or username and password.

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Amazon makes it easy for employees to view check stubs and other benefits information online. Simply login into the EHR website with your unique Amazon account information or ID number!

Once logged in, employees can view weekly hours worked, overtime, sick time available, as well as access tax information.

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