Amazon Smart Plug Not Working (List of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Do you have an Amazon Smart Plug and have noticed it’s not working? Do you want to know how to potentially fix this issue?

Well, keep reading because I’ve researched this topic and have found some excellent ways you can get your Amazon Smart Plug working again!

Why Isn’t Amazon Smart Plug Working In 2024?

The easiest potential fix if Amazon Smart Plug isn’t working is to unplug it, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in to see if that fixes the issue. Additionally, you can reset the device. However, sometimes you may have a defective device, which means reaching out to Amazon for a replacement in 2024.

Do you want to know about other potential fixes for Amazon Smart Plug not working and have other questions? If so, read on to learn all about them!

How Can I Fix Amazon Smart Plug?

1. Unplug & Plug It Back In

To potentially fix an Amazon Smart Plug when it’s not working, you can try to unplug the Smart Plug, wait up to 5 minutes, and then plug it back in to see if that will resolve the issue.

2. Reset Amazon Smart Plug

Resetting the Amazon Smart Plug can help fix issues with the device. To do the reset, you’ll need to look on the side of the device for the button and hold this button down for 12 seconds.

Additionally, you’ll need to register the Smart Plug with Alexa again if you have to reset the device since it puts it back in factory condition.

3. Update the Software

Outdated software on the Amazon Smart Plug could prevent it from working properly, and even though it should automatically update, problems with the Internet connection can prevent it.

Therefore, go through and update the software to the Smart Plug by following the steps below:

  1. Open Alexa
  2. Select the Smart Plug
  3. Click on the “Settings” icon
  4. Check which software version it’s running
  5. Compare to the latest version of your Smart Plug and update it if needed

Also, you should regularly update the software to prevent bugs, glitches, or other issues that impact outdated software and interfere with functionality.

4. Update the Alexa App

You should keep the Alexa app updated regularly to ensure it works properly and continues to function with the Amazon Smart Plug.

For example, it’s easy to check to see if Alexa is updated by going into your app store and searching for “Alexa” and see if there is an “Update” icon.

Just click on “Update” and then see if the Alexa update fixes Amazon Smart Plug since the issue could have been a bug, glitch, or security issue with Alexa.

5. Restart Your Router

Another fix could be to restart your router to see if the issue is with the Internet connection, and you can restart your router by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in.

Furthermore, allow your router time to boot back up and then see if the Smart Plug is now working correctly.

6. Move Your Router or Smart Plug

6. Move Your Router or Smart Plug Amazon

If the Amazon Smart Plug is too far away from your router, it cannot catch a good WiFi signal, so you can move either your Smart Plug or router to a new location.

Additionally, you want to see if bringing them closer together fixes the issue since it could just be out of range and not have enough signal to transmit properly. 

7. Make Sure Your Outlet Has Power

Some homes have switches on the wall that turn the power on and off to the outlet, so make sure your outlet has power if you’ve noticed the Amazon Smart Plug not working.

For example, you can check to see if the switch has been hit, causing the outlet to turn off, or you can plug in another device and see if it works on that outlet.

8. Check Your WiFi Frequency

If Amazon Smart Plug isn’t working, you’ll need to check your WiFi frequency to see if you’re running on 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz because the Smart Plug will not run on 5Ghz.

Therefore, if you’re running on 5Ghz, then switch it to 2.5Ghz and see if that fixes the issue, or invest in a dual-band router if you need the faster speeds for your computer.

9. Defective Device & You’ll Need to Contact Amazon

If none of the above issues fix Amazon Smart Plug, then you may have a defective device, which means you’ll need to contact Amazon for a replacement.

How Do I Set up Amazon Smart Plug?

It’s easy toset up your Amazon SmartPlugin in just a few minutes by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Select the (+) sign
  3. Select Add Device > Plug > Amazon
  4. Scan the barcode
  5. Plugin the Smart Plug
  6. Allow Alexa to discover the device
  7. Click to add the Smart Plug to your WiFi network
  8. Select “Choose Group”
  9. Add the Smart Plug to your HomeGroup

Why Is My Amazon Smart Plug Blinking Red & Blue?

If your Smart Plug is blinking red, then it could be an issue that needs to be resolved, such as a bad connection, which can be fixed by resetting, unplugging it, or checking your Internet.

Additionally, the Amazon Smart Plug blinking blue means that it was reset and should be functioning normally.

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If your Amazon Smart Plug isn’t working, you can try to fix it by moving it closer to your router, resetting the Smart Plug, restarting your router, or by updating the Alexa app.

Additionally, you may need to update the software for the Smart Plug, or it could be that your outlet is not working properly or doesn’t have power. However, sometimes you may have a defective Smart Plug and you’ll need to contact Amazon if the issues persist.

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