Amazon UPT Policy (All You Need To Know)

Amazon employees are entitled to a number of benefits, such as parental leave, medical coverage, personal time off, vacation time, and a variety of other staff benefits.

However, potential staff members may wonder what Amazon’s UPT policy is and how it works. If you’re wondering the same thing, keep reading this article to see what information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon UPT Policy

Amazon disperses 20 hours of UPT (unpaid personal time) on the first day of every quarter to their employees. Additionally, staff members can take UPT at any time during the year. However, if an employee falls below 0 hours of UPT banked, they may face dismissal from their supervisor or manager.

If you’d like to learn more about how UPT works at Amazon, what the difference is between UPT and PTO, and more, keep reading through this article for more facts, tips, and information!

How Does UPT Work at Amazon?

Amazon disperses 20 hours of UPT for each tier-one employee at Amazon at the start of every quarter, adding up to 80 total hours of unpaid personal time per year.

Staff members at Amazon are allowed to take UPT at any time during the year, including peak sale seasons such as the holidays.

However, staff members can only bank 80 hours of UPT. If a staff member attempts to bank more than 80 hours of UPT, they will usually be terminated from their position.

Additionally, Amazon employees have to pay VCP (Variable Compensation Pay) to Amazon every time they use unpaid personal time.

Therefore, staff members who abuse their UPT will not only miss paid work hours but the time will also be extracted from their wage.

How Often Is UPT Given at Amazon?

Amazon disperses UPT to their employees four times per year, at the beginning of every quarter. Employees have the option to use their UPT as it’s given, or they can save it up and use the time at the end of the year.

Amazon gives 80 hours of UPT to tier-one employees, though the amount of UPT dispersed may increase as Amazon employees move up in their positions in the company.

Can I Use UPT Anytime at Amazon?

Can I Use UPT Anytime at Amazon?

According to Amazon’s UPT policy, staff members are allowed to use UPT at any time during the year. However, some individual supervisors may be wary of granting UPT to their staff members who wish to take it all at the same time.

Therefore, staff members are urged to disperse their UPT through the year with their PTO (paid time off), as some Amazon supervisors may not be as lenient about taking UPT for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, staff members at Amazon can use their UPT at any point, including peak sale times for the company, such as the holiday season or Prime Day.

Can You Get in Trouble for Using UPT at Amazon?

While staff members cannot get in trouble for using their allotted UPT hours, they can be written up for going over their UPT amount, which is recorded in Amazon’s clock-out system.

Amazon may go so far as to fire staff members who bank more UPT hours than they are given each year, though some supervisors may choose to let their staff members off with a warning.

Nevertheless, Amazon employees should be wary of taking more time off than they are allotted in order to avoid being written up by their manager or facing unemployment.

Do Sick Days Fall Under UPT at Amazon?

UPT and sick days are separate entities for Amazon employees. Amazon staff are entitled to 80 hours of UPT, as well as 80 hours of sick days per year.

Some Amazon employees may use their UPT in addition to their sick days if they are ill for a long period of time. However, in order to use sick days, employees are required to call in to work 24 hours in advance.

Additionally, Amazon staff are not recommended to use sick days like their allotted UPT, even if they’ve banked more sick days, as using such time requires more advanced notice.

What’s the Difference Between UPT and PTO at Amazon?

Amazon staff members are granted both UPT (unpaid time off) and PTO (paid time off). The major difference between these two benefits is that UPT is not compensated for time off, whereas staff members will still receive payment for their regular shifts when taking PTO.

Also, Amazon grants their staff members 80 hours of UPT per year, while they only grant 40 hours for PTO. Therefore, employees are entitled to more unpaid time off than they are paid time off.

However, unlike PTO, staff members do have to pay a small amount from VCP when taking unpaid time off.

Therefore, while staff members are granted more hours for UPT, it’s more advisable for them to take PTO more often than UPT in order to prevent the time off coming out of their wages.

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