Are FedEx Trucks Air Conditioned? (All You Need to Know)

For those who live in a hot climate, air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. That’s especially true in cars and trucks. Indeed, these vehicles can reach temperatures of over 110°F in a matter of minutes when parked.

So, given how hot vehicles can get, you might be wondering whether FedEx trucks are air-conditioned. After all, these large metal vehicles are essentially massive heat traps.

Well, in this article, we’ll discuss the air conditioning situation in FedEx trucks, so keep reading!

Are FedEx Trucks Air Conditioned in 2024?

According to FedEx, 30,000+ delivery vehicles in the company are air-conditioned in 2024. This equates to about one-third of the company’s entire fleet. However, because independent contractors lease the remaining two-thirds of the trucks, it’s unknown how many have air conditioning. Usually, though, the hotter the climate, the more vehicles that have air-conditioning.

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Do FedEx Trucks Have Air Conditioning?

Some FedEx trucks have air conditioning, but whether or not a truck has air conditioning depends on who owns it.

All of the 30,000+ vehicles FedEx owns are air-conditioned, and while this is a considerable number, it only makes up about one-third of the company’s total fleet.

Indeed, almost two-thirds of the trucks used by FedEx are leased by independent contractors.

Therefore, FedEx does not mandate air conditioning in these vehicles, and as a result, it’s unknown how many of these leased vehicles have air conditioning.

That being said, the rule seems to be the hotter the climate, the more trucks have air conditioning.

For example, most trucks in Arizona likely have air conditioning, while only a few do in Vermont.

Vehicles that don’t have air conditioning may have an accessory fan to circulate air toward the driver in the forward cab.

Why Aren’t FedEx Trucks Required to Have Air Conditioning?

Why Aren’t FedEx Trucks Required to Have Air Conditioning?

As mentioned in the previous section, FedEx’s trucks (mostly Express vehicles) have air conditioning. Those that don’t are likely older vehicles that are only used in rare circumstances.

When these vehicles age and are phased out of the fleet, they are replaced with new vehicles with air conditioning.

To put it another way, as time passes, more and more of FedEx’s trucks will come equipped with air conditioning.

However, leased trucks (mostly Ground vehicles) are not required to have air conditioning. Naturally, this begs the question, “why not?”

Well, the answer is tricky. First, there’s the question of which entity would be responsible for requiring private companies to provide air conditioning.

On top of that, making rules about air conditioning would likely depend on the climate where the trucks operate.

This would result in a patchwork of rules and regulations that would be nearly impossible to oversee.

Because of these complicated circumstances, FedEx leaves decisions about air conditioning to independent contractors.

So, while some independent contractors may prioritize air conditioning for their vehicles, others may see it as a waste.

Are FedEx Trucks Cooled?

FedEx offers refrigerated and cold shipping for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to cooling the cargo area, this service uses cold packs, chilled boxes, and other specialized containers to keep products chilled to industry standards (between 35°F and 46°F).

With the exception of refrigerated trucks, the vast majority of FedEx trucks don’t have a cool area for package storage.

That’s because the cost of cooling the back of the truck would be expensive and largely unnecessary. After all, most packages do not contain perishable items.

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When it comes to delivery trucks owned by the FedEx Corporation (mostly Express vehicles), nearly all have air conditioning in the cab to help keep the driver cool. Those that don’t are likely older vehicles that will be phased out in the coming years.

For the two-thirds of vehicles leased by independent contractors, the air conditioning situation is a mixed bag. Certain companies (especially those located in hot climates) may have air-conditioned vehicles but this is not a requirement.

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