Are McDonald’s Onions Real? (Types, Dehydrated, So Small + More)

Anyone who has ever eaten at McDonald’s has experienced the onions that they use on many of their burgers. Unlike a lot of fast food restaurants, McDonald’s uses small, minced onions on their classic cheeseburger offerings.

But are these minuscule bits of onions actually real? Some may be wondering since they are so tiny and don’t have the exact texture of regular crunchy onions that are usually on burgers.

Are McDonald’s Onions Real? 

McDonald’s uses real dried onions that have been rehydrated on their classic cheeseburgers, and they use regular, sliced onions on the quarter pounder. The dehydrated onions that they use on their classic cheeseburgers are made of natural, dehydrated onions that are rehydrated in water before serving on the burgers.

Keep reading for more information about the onions that McDonald’s uses, the differences between the onions McDonald’s uses, and more!

Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Onions From?

According to McDonald’s website, they receive their onions from a variety of suppliers in the US, the UK,  and other countries.

The reason for this is related to where in the world a specific McDonald’s is located.

McDonald’s also says they try to get their food supplies from local sources. This goal helps to ensure fresher and better quality ingredients which is important for the finished products.

Since McDonald’s uses both dehydrated onions and fresh onions, depending on the burger, it is safe to assume that the suppliers are different for both types.

Are McDonald’s Onions Healthy To Eat?

Some people may be concerned about the nutritional quality of dehydrated onions on a cheeseburger.

However, those minced onions are actually quite healthy and add to the nutrition of the burger instead of detracting from it.

There is no reason to worry about eating them, even if they don’t resemble fresh onion pieces.

However, if you are not a fan of the idea of dehydrated onions on your burger, it is safe to say you can request no onions.

Are McDonald’s Onions More Flavorful Than Regular Onions?

Many people enjoy the flavor that those little onions give to a McDonald’s sandwich.

The truth is that dehydrating onions actually does impart extra flavor, which is a significant reason for the distinctive taste of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Despite some naysayers who dislike the idea of eating dehydrated onions, there are food blogs that give recipes for making your own. Many people definitely enjoy the flavor that those little onions give.

How Does McDonald’s Rehydrate Their Onions?

How Does McDonald’s Rehydrate Their Onions?

The onions McDonald’s uses are first emptied into a pan or other container. Then they are soaked in water for a time to rehydrate them. After this, they are ready for use on burgers.

While this process may sound off to some people, it is actually quite common in the food industry.

Rehydrated onions have a good flavor and a long shelf life which is beneficial to a restaurant.

What Type of Onions Are On the Quarter Pounder?

As many people know, the quarter-pounders have a very different type of onion on them than most of the other McDonald’s burgers. Quarter Pounders have regular slices of onions on them instead.

McDonald’s website does not specify exactly what variety of onion is used on their quarter pounder.

However, it does appear to be a white or yellow onion, just solely based on appearance.

The onions on quarter-pounders are sliced in approximately one-inch slices. This is much different in appearance, flavor, and texture than the minced onions on the Big Mac and regular cheeseburgers.

Does McDonald’s Offer Grilled Onions?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s no longer offers burgers with grilled onions.

However, this was not always the case as, at one point, more than one burger at McDonald’s had grilled onions.

One burger worth remembering was the Cheddar Melt which was actually quite popular at one time.

 It was sold with success in the late 1980s and into the 1990s. But McDonald’s discontinued it in the early 200s.

Along with burgers, another onion product that used to be sold at McDonald’s was called Onion Nuggets.

As the name implies, onion nuggets were breaded and fried pieces of onions similar to onion rings but in a different shape.

Can you Request No Onions at McDonald’s?

Although many people love onions, for those who do not care for them, the option to ask for no onions is helpful.

At McDonald’s, any menu item can be modified, including any sandwich with onions. You absolutely can request no onions on your burger or other menu items.

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