Best Buy Complaints (Contact Details, How to Make a Complaint, Are They Taken Seriously + More)

Best Buy is well known for its computers, TVs, other tech products, and the famous “geek squad.” With store locations all over the world, Best Buy has become a force in the business.

However, you may be wondering how to make a complaint about a Best Buy store, worker, product, or service. If so, keep reading to see what I found out!

How Do I Make a Complaint to Best Buy In 2024?

Customers of Best Buy with complaints can locate the “feedback” tab on the right hand side of Best Buy’s website. This feedback form is a convenient way to contact the store with your issues in 2024. Still, other people may prefer to call Best Buy at 1-888-237-8289. Public complaints may also go through the Better Business Bureau.

How Do I Contact Best Buy to Complain?

There are multiple ways to contact Best Buy to file a complaint or make a suggestion. The following is a list of how to reach Best Buy, using various forms of communication:

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at Best Buy?

Best Buy does make an effort to listen and act on customers’ complaints. However, the company scores fairly low when it comes to customer satisfaction with how complaints are handled.

One customer review site ranks Best Buy at #295 out of the 995 companies that were reviewed.

So, Best Buy is not at the top nor the bottom of the list. Certainly, there seems to be room for improvement in this area.

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Best Buy?

Best Buy sells a wide variety of items, ranging from television sets to home appliances, and more. Therefore, the range of complaints is quite wide as well.

The Better Business Bureau lists well over 11,000 complaints from customers about Best Buy.

Many of these complaints are about problems with products from the store, including items that didn’t work correctly.

Still other complaints focus on billing issues, such as unexpected or incorrect credit charge charges from Best Buy.

Yet, another category of complaints by Best Buy customers would fall into the category of issues with warranties or guarantees on products.

There are other complaints, but these are some of the most common ones.

However, many people report being happy with the products and services offered by the company. Therefore, it seems many people’s complaints are resolved.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Best Buy?

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Best Buy?

Most of the time, if a customer has a complaint, they go to a manager. However, what should someone do if their complaints are actually regarding a manager?

One way to complain about a manager at Best Buy is to call 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289). Doing so will put you in communication with someone who can help you.

Additionally, if you’re a store worker with a complaint about your former or current manager, it’s likely that calling the above number will also assist you in receiving help with the issue.

Also, on the Best Buy website, there is a customer support “help” chat option, which may be of service to you with this issue.

Hopefully, one of these options will clear up the complaint in a satisfactory way.

How Do I Complain About Specific Products and Services at Best Buy?

Products at Best Buy include televisions, computers, tablets, appliances such as refrigerators and stoves, cell phones, fitness equipment, smart home products, and much more.

With such a varied list of items, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise with some of these things. For instance, TVs may break too soon, computers may run too slow, and other issues.

For issues with specific items purchased at Best Buy, customers can either contact the company directly at the contact number given earlier above, or the store they purchase the item from directly.

If the store does not handle the issue to the customer’s liking, filing a complaint with the BBB may be an option for some.

Services at Best Buy may include TV installation, cell phone repair, home wi-fi setup, recovery of data, virus removal from computers, and more.

If customers are dissatisfied with a service rendered by Best Buy, they should let the store know the details of the problem.

Can I Sue Best Buy?

It is possible to sue Best Buy and win, but most complaints do not go this far. However, if this is the path you want to follow, some steps to take would be the following:

  • Check if your claim is eligible for legal action in your state.
  • Write a demand letter, detailing grievances against Best Buy.

For more specific information about filing a lawsuit against Best Buy, it’s wise to speak to a qualified lawyer for all of the facts.

Some examples of reasons why someone might sue would be personal injury while shopping at Best Buy, harassment or discrimination by a store worker or member of the store management team, breach of a warranty, and more.

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Best Buy is a very popular store to purchase a wide variety of items such as appliances, TVs, and cell phones. However, the company has also received many complaints over the years, involving product quality, customer service, incorrect charges, and more.

Filing a complaint against Best Buy may be relatively simple, requiring nothing more than a few moments to call a phone number. While this may mean being on hold for a while, some people might prefer this method.

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