Buying Dog Food On Amazon (Is It a Good Place To Buy, Is It Safe + More)

There are many alternatives to purchasing dog food in pet and grocery stores. Many e-commerce sites offer dog food options that are safe, high quality, and reasonably priced!

Amazon is among these websites that sells dog food. If you’re considering purchasing food for your dog from Amazon, perhaps you’d like more information about it. If so, continue reading!

Buying Dog Food on Amazon

Amazon carries a wide variety of dog food products, such as Taste of the Wild and Purina. Their prices are comparatively similar to websites such as Chewy, although they charge more expensive prices for brands such as Pedigree, which is cheaper at Walmart. However, Amazon’s brand Wag Dog Kibble is not considered safe dog food.

If you’d like to learn more about the safety of Amazon dog food, the quality of their dog food, how much dog food costs, and more, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!

Is Amazon a Good Place to Buy Dog Food?

Amazon is a good place to buy dog food for select brands! There are certain brands, such as Pedigree, for which Amazon charges a higher price, but the selection is well-picked overall.

Amazon currently sells Taste of the Wild, Purina, Blue Buffalo, IAMS, Cesar, Hill’s Science Diet, Rachel Ray Nutrish, Natural Balance, and other select brands when in stock!

However, Amazon’s brand of dog food, Wag Dog Kibble, is not recommended for customers who have dogs prone to stomach issues.

Many reviews left by previous customers state that their dog experienced vomiting shortly after eating Wag Dog Kibble. This could be due to allergies in dogs or a defective batch of kibble.

Therefore, customers should read the ingredient label on Wag Dog to ensure their dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients, and consult customer reviews before purchasing.

Is Amazon Dog Food Safe?

Amazon’s brand Wag Dog Kibble is considered unsafe according to many customer reviews on their kibble product page, as many customers’ dogs have experienced vomiting shortly after eating

Therefore, Wag Dog Kibble is not recommended for pet owners who have allergy-prone dogs. Customers are urged to read the ingredients listed thoroughly and to consult reviews for feedback.

However, other dog food brands sold through Amazon are perfectly safe for dogs!

Amazon carries well-known brands such as Pedigree and Purina, which are proven to be good choice for most dogs.

Is Dog Food on Amazon Good Quality?

Most of the dog food brands on Amazon are good quality products.

While Amazon’s own dog food brand is considered by many to be unsafe, products such as Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo are healthy and organic options for pets.

Customers concerned about the quality of dog food brands sold through Amazon can find all the necessary details on Amazon’s product page and the brand’s company website.

Is Amazon Dog Food Cheaper than Chewy Brand?

Is Amazon Dog Food Cheaper than Chewy Brand?

Amazon and Chewy dog food are priced about the same according to varied surveys of their products.

Because Chewy’s sells a variety of dog and pet products, they are considered a better choice for pet owners who require purchases in addition to dog food.

Chewy offers a variety of perks, such as free shipping and a generous return policy, which is beneficial for customers purchasing pet products on a regular basis.

However, customers who wish to purchase dog food are recommended to utilize Amazon, as they offer Prime shipping for their dog food and can locate their desired brands more easily.

Can I Buy Dog Food at Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods?

Customers who shop at Amazon Fresh can purchase dog food in-store or online! Amazon Fresh stores have their own dog food brand FreshPet, in addition to their other offerings.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have a wide selection of pet food available at Whole Foods, as their stock is largely produced: and grocery-focused.

However, customers can purchase brands such as Buckley Pet and Ark Naturals for simple pet food and pet care supplies!

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Amazon sells a variety of pet food, including their own store brand Wag Dog Kibble. Most of their brands are safe and healthy options for dogs!

However, Amazon’s Wag Dog Kibble brand is largely considered unsafe for dogs that are allergy and vomit prone.

Customers can purchase brands such as Taste of the Wild and Purina for comparatively low prices, and their prices are similar to websites such as Chewy.

Dog food qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping and can also be purchased at Amazon Fresh in-store and online!

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