Can Apple Remove Activation Lock? (All You Need to Know)

If you’ve purchased an iPhone, you may be wondering about the Activation Lock. You likely have questions, including: can Apple remove the Activation Lock?

Well, I have been looking into the details about the Activation Lock and have the answers to all of your questions, so continue reading to learn what I’ve discovered about this topic!

Can Apple Remove the Activation Lock?

Apple can remove the Activation Lock on a device, but you must have proof that you’ve purchased the device. Furthermore, you can either take the proof of purchase and your device to an Apple Store for the removal or you can call Apple Support. Once you’ve explained the situation, the representative can remove the Activation Lock remotely in [currentyear].

Do you have additional questions, like how long it takes Apple to remove the activation lock? If so, keep reading as I go into more details below!

Can Apple Remove Activation Lock Without Proof of Purchase?

Apple won’t remove the Activation Lock unless you have proof of purchase or proof that you’re the owner of the device.

Therefore, you’ll need to have some type of documentation to prove ownership.

Furthermore, the document that you use will need to have the MEDI, IMEI, or product serial number on it, such as a warranty, receipt, or other similar documents.

How Long Does It Take Apple to Remove Activation Lock?

The time it takes Apple to remove Activation Lock depends on which method you use to contact Apple, the documentation you have, and your device type.

For example, if you’ve contacted Apple through the website and used the “Activation Lock Web Tool,” and then selected “Start an Activation Lock support request,” it could take up to 30 days.

Additionally, there are people specifically designated to handle the requests for the Activation Lock, so you’ll have to wait until someone contacts you through your email. 

However, if you go into an Apple Store, the request may be handled on the spot and then the Activation Lock could be removed within a few hours or less depending on your situation.

Therefore, if you want the Activation Lock removed quickly, it’s best to either go into the Apple Store or call Apple support and ask for a remote unlock.

How Much Does It Cost to Get the Activation Lock Removed?

How Much Does It Cost to Get the Activation Lock Removed? Apple

Apple doesn’t charge to remove the Activation Lock from your device, so you don’t need AppleCare or need to pay beforehand.

What If I Forgot My Apple ID and Password for Activation Lock?

If you forgot your Apple ID and password for Activation Lock, you can go to the iForgot website run by Apple to either find your Apple ID or reset your password.

How Do I Remove the Activation Lock Without Previous Owner on Apple Watch?

If you don’t have the Apple ID that is linked to the Apple Watch because it was a previous owner, contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the Activation Lock.

Furthermore, you’ll need to let them see the Apple Watch and perform the steps below:

  1. Have them log in with their Apple ID and password
  2. They will need to go into the “Settings” of the Apple Watch
  3. Select “General”
  4. Select “Reset”
  5. Select “Erase All Content & Settings”
  6. Select “Erase the Device”
  7. From there, the setup screen will appear

Also, this process can be done online through the website, where they will need to select “All Devices” and find the Apple Watch in the list.

The previous owner will need to select either “Remove from Account” or “Erase” to reset the Apple Watch so that it’s no longer linked to their Apple ID.

Additionally, you might be able to take your photo ID, receipt, and proof of ownership to an Apple Store and ask them to remove the Activation Lock for you.

However, you’ll need to have all the documentation if this was a second-hand Apple Watch and you’ve purchased it, but this may not work depending on the situation.

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Apple can remove Activation Lock, but you’ll need to have proof of ownership for the device, including documentation showing the IMEI, MEDI, or serial number. Further, the quickest way to remove the Activation Lock is to go into an Apple Store with this information.

However, you can call asking for a remote unlock, or contact them through the website. That being said, Activation Lock removal is a free service offered by Apple and there should not be any charge for it, regardless of whether you have AppleCare.

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