Can You See Who Redeemed An Amazon Gift Card? (Guide)

If you shop on Amazon for household items or office supplies, you may have purchased an Amazon gift card for a friend or family member.

If this is the case, you may wonder if the recipient redeemed their gift card. So, can you see who redeemed an Amazon gift card? Here is everything I learned about this! 

Can You See Who Redeemed An Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon does not allow you to see who redeemed an Amazon gift card. Once you purchase the gift card and give it to someone, you won’t be able to know if they used it unless you ask them. Amazon does not disclose personal information, including gift card activity, and if it has been used.

If you want to learn more about Amazon gift cards and what you should know before buying one, then keep reading our guide for all the details.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Tell Me Who Redeemed A Gift Card?

A lot of us get curious about gift-giving sometimes. After all, we want our loved ones to appreciate and use the gifts we give them…

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering if Amazon will tell you who redeemed a gift card and when you are out of luck. 

It’s actually a good thing that Amazon doesn’t share gift card activity with anyone other than the account holder that redeemed the gift card.

For safety and personal protection purposes, Amazon requires anyone placing an order and redeeming a gift card to have an account.

Because of this, only the account holder will be able to view the gift card usage history. 

It’s similar to giving cash. Once you put money in a card for someone’s birthday or graduation, it’s really up to them what they do with it.

It also works both ways, so if you are gifted an Amazon gift card, you can add it to your account and check the balance, but no one else can. 

Is It Safe To Order An Amazon Gift Card Online?

Is It Safe To Order An Amazon Gift Card Online?

Millions of people order Amazon gift cards safely online.

While you can buy Amazon gift cards in person at select grocery and convenience stores, it’s super easy to purchase them online in just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can send Amazon gift cards via email, so even if you run late on your gift shopping, you can get it sorted within minutes.

Amazon protects your personal information and securely delivers the gift card to the intended recipient.

They must use the unique gift card number and pin to apply the balance to their purchase, so unless someone gains unauthorized access to your account or the recipient’s, you can have peace of mind that this purchase is safe and protected.

Of course, the main perk of online purchases is that sending an Amazon e-gift card is less risky than purchasing a physical card that can get lost. 

What Should You Do If A Gift Card Is Misplaced?

If you suspect fraudulent activity or a missing gift card, you can contact Amazon customer service.

If you buy the gift card directly from Amazon, you should have a history of the purchase in your account; otherwise, hold on to your store receipts. 

Remember that Amazon gift card terms and conditions state that Amazon is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misused gift cards.

You can also contact them to see what your options are in a specific situation with any gift card issues.

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If you’re planning on buying an Amazon gift card, remember that once it’s sent to the recipient, you can’t check and see who redeemed it.

You have to trust the recipient to use the gift card however it works best for them. Only the account that has added the gift card balance can see the gift card history.

You can always contact Amazon customer support if you feel like a gift card has been stolen or misplaced.

Otherwise, look forward to giving a good gift that your friend, co-worker, or family member can use to browse an extensive selection of products and stock up on items for home or work.

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