Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Target? (Full Guide)

Amazon’s gift cards offer customers a great way of purchasing items without spending too much due to the variety of denominations these are available in.

However, what if an item you really want to buy is only sold at Target, and you have some Amazon gift cards on hand? Here is everything I’ve found out about using Amazon gift cards at Target!

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Target?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Amazon gift cards to purchase items at Target since gift cards are only exclusive to the store they are attached to. Therefore, Amazon gift cards can only be used on Amazon whereas only Target gift cards can be used on Target.

If you want to learn more about why you can’t use Amazon gift cards at Target, whether you can buy Target items on Amazon, and much more, keep on reading!

Why Can’t You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Target?

You cannot use an Amazon gift card to purchase any item at Target as the value on the gift card can only be redeemed on Amazon.

This is because the gift card was specifically manufactured to be exclusively used on Amazon and therefore, the value of the gift card cannot be transferred from Amazon to other stores such as Target.

If this was to happen, Amazon would end up losing the money that it was originally owed.

Can You Buy Target Items On Amazon?

You will most likely be able to find the same products that Target has on Amazon. This is because Target and Amazon sell quite a number of similar brands and have some common suppliers.

Therefore, there is definitely a good chance that items stocked at Target will also appear on Amazon for either the same or different prices.

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards At Target?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Amazon gift cards at Target. Target offers a range of gift cards for many third-party retailers and stores, but does not stock Amazon gift cards.

Why Can’t You Buy Amazon Gift Cards At Target?

Target and Amazon share many of the same suppliers and price their items similarly which makes them major competitors in their field.

As a result, Target does not sell Amazon gift cards to prevent customers from shopping at Amazon instead of Target.

Does Target Price Match Items On Amazon?

Target does reportedly match the prices of items found on, as long as there is sufficient evidence that it is exactly the same product that they are selling in their store.

This is a great way of saving money if you have found an item you like but would prefer to purchase it physically by going into a store.

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You cannot use an Amazon gift card to purchase items at Target. Despite this, due to their shared suppliers, you are very likely to find the same items on Amazon as you will in Target. Moreover, Target does not sell Amazon gift cards either, but it does price-match products.

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