Charli Dunkin (What Is It, How To Order One + Are They Any Good)

Dunkin’ is renowned for trying out and introducing new coffee flavors on its menus worldwide.

Charli Dunkin is one such cold brew beverage that the Coffee and Donuts Company introduced on its menu in early 2020. But, what is Charli Dunkin, and how can one order one? I did extensive research about this, and this is what I discovered!

What Is Charli Dunkin In 2024?

Charli Dunkin is an ultra-smooth and full-bodied limited drink offered at Dunkin’ stores in 2024. The drink features a medium cold brew, whole milk, and three caramel swirl pumps. Charli Dunkin made its way into Dunkin menus due to the partnership between Dunkin’ and TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. While it’s a limited drink, its ingredients are available all year round.

To find out more about the story behind Charli Dunkin, how the beverage tastes, how you can order Charli Dunkin at Dunkin Donuts, and whether the beverage is good, keep scrolling!

What Is the Story Behind Charli Dunkin?

Charli Dunkin was introduced to the Dunkin Donuts menu after the multinational Coffee and Donuts Company decided to partner with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

Charli D’Amelio is a young TikTok influencer named by the New York Times the Queen of TikTok due to her large following.

With over one million TikTok followers, Charli started posting her iconic dance moves videos on her social media platform with her favorite drink: Dunkin Coffee. 

In addition, the star started talking about her favorite cold brew coffee she bought at Dunkin Donuts daily as her online content.

Soon her fan base began appreciating and noticing her favorite drink.

In her early days on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio wasn’t paid to be a Dunkin’ Donuts influencer, but she professed her love for the drink out of her free will and without ulterior motives.

Nevertheless, the vlogger soon caught the attention of Dunkin Donuts, who approached her and decided to name her favorite cold brew coffee after her name with her approval. 

Soon after, Charli Dunkin became an overnight cold brew beverage sensation among customers, especially Charli D’Amelio’s fan base, who began buying the drink in droves.

Since then, the fast-food restaurant franchise has partnered with the TikTok star on numerous occasions to promote the cold brew.

How Does Charli Dunkin Taste?

How Does Charli Dunkin Taste?

Charli Dunkin has a refreshing, bold, and sweet coffee taste since it’s made with three ingredients: cold brew, whole milk, and caramel swirls.

This popular Dunkin beverage is made by steeping dark roasted and ground coffee in cold water for at least 12 hours.

Consequently, three pumps of flavored and sweetened caramel swirls are added to the drink and thoroughly stirred to give it a sweet taste.

 Whole milk is then combined with the dark roasted coffee and caramel swirls mixture to give it a signature creamy touch.

One good thing about Charli Dunkin is that you can substitute the whole milk with almond milk, oat milk, or cream, and it will still taste the same.

Combining the three popular flavors gives Charli Dunkin a bold, full-bodied, sweet, and creamy taste, making it a fairly basic drink.

Thus, Charli Dunkin is a good, bold, and sweet drink to order at any Dunkin Donuts store near you, especially if you like creamy cold brew beverages. 

Dunkin Donuts offers the beverage in three sizes: small 16 ounces drink size, medium 24 ounces drink size, and large 32 ounces drink size.

How to Order Charli Dunkin?

Since Dunkin Donuts offers both The Charli and The Charli Cold Foam drinks, it would be ideal to distinguish between them before placing your order.

While The Charli is a cold brew with caramel swirls and whole milk, The Charli Cold Foam is made with caramel swirls, cinnamon sugar, and a sweet cold foam topping.

In addition, The Dunkin’ Charli Cold Foam costs more than The Charli, and thus, you don’t want to order the incorrect drink.

Since the two drinks are referred to as Charli Dunkin at Dunkin Donuts, ordering them without calling them by name is recommended.

Therefore, it would be best to describe the drink to the barista in your local Dunkin’ Donuts store to avoid the mix-up.

The ideal way to order Charli Dunkin would be: “Can I get a medium cold brew with three caramel swirl pumps and whole milk?

However, if you’re ordering a small drink size of Charli Dunkin at Dunkin Donuts, ask for a cold brew with two caramel swirl pumps and whole milk.

If you want to order a large drink cup, the best idea would be to ask for a cold brew with four caramel swirls and whole milk.

A medium drink size of Charli Dunkin goes for $3.99 plus tax. Nevertheless, it would be ideal to note that the price of the drink varies depending on the Dunkin’ store you place your order.

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Charli Dunkin is one of the customers’ favorite cold brew beverages offered at Dunkin’ stores worldwide.

The drink is named after Charli D’Amelio, a young TikTok influencer who has partnered with the American restaurant franchise to promote the drink. Charli Dunkin comes in two varieties at Dunkin Donuts outlets: The Charli and The Charli Cold Brew Foam.

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