Cheapest Place To Buy Stamps (Complete Guide)

It seems like every time you hear from USPS; it’s news that postage rates are increasing. In fact, postage has increased by $0.13 in the past decade alone.

Given the frequent (and expensive) price increases, who wouldn’t want to save money on stamps? To that end, I’ve put together a definitive list of the cheapest places to buy stamps. Read on and start saving big!

Cheapest Place To Buy Stamps In 2024

Online retailers eBay and Amazon tend to offer discounts on stamps, especially when purchased in bulk (100 or 200) as of 2024. Discounts vary between 25-30% off retail prices. Online mailing companies like and offer member discounts on stamps that add up to 10% off retail prices. Stamp dealers may also sell discounted stamps.

If you’re looking to save big the next time you buy stamps, then check out my complete guide!

1. eBay

Online retailer eBay is famous for its auction-style sales and massive product discounts. Luckily, these discounts apply to USPS stamps as well.

At any given time, you’ll see hundreds of auctions for unused stamps; many of these auctions are for bulk rolls of Forever Stamps (either 100 or 200). 

Depending on the auction, you may be able to snag a roll of 100 stamps for as little as $36.

At $36, that works out to $0.36 per stamp or a savings of $0.24 per stamp at the current rates. If you want to look at it another way, that’s a 62% discount off retail!

Also, while most rolls of Forever Stamps aren’t as deeply discounted, you’ll have no trouble finding a roll of 100 priced at $50.

At $50 for a roll of 100 stamps, that works out to $0.50 per stamp, or $0.08 cheaper than retail prices.

Also, even if you don’t think you’ll need that many stamps, you could split the roll with friends or family members and share the discount.

Additionally, search “Face Value Stamps” on eBay and select only “Auction” lots for the best deals.

2. Amazon

At first glance, it may not seem like postage stamps are cheaper on Amazon. Indeed, sometimes they can be even more expensive than at the Post Office.

However, if you’re willing to hunt a little, the e-commerce giant offers plenty of great stamp deals.

For example, the first page of search results comes up with a package of 100 Forever Stamps priced at $54.72. At this price, that’s $3.28 cheaper than USPS retail.

Put another way, it’s a 6% discount!

Similarly, another seller offers five 20-packs of Forever Stamps for $50.00, about $8.00 cheaper than retail. Also, you can think of it as a 14% discount.

Moreover, while the savings you’ll find on Amazon won’t be as spectacular as those on eBay, Amazon has a wider variety of package sizes.

Further, that means you won’t need to purchase a huge roll of stamps to save money. 

Finally, use your Amazon credit card to earn points that you can use towards future stamp purchases.


This online retailer is a USPS-approved vendor of postal products, including stamps. As such, offers pretty much everything USPS does, but at a discount.

For example, the company offers a four-week trial of its services and gives you $5 worth of free postage during that time.

Even better, you get to keep the postage even if you decide isn’t right for you.

If you decide to enroll after the trial period, you pay $17.99 per month (plus applicable taxes), and your subscription entitles you to lots of postage discounts.

For example, is currently selling Forever Stamps at $0.53 per stamp, a savings of $0.05 (or about 9%) per stamp at current USPS rates.

That said, you do need to take the monthly subscription fee into account when deciding if the stamp discounts are enough to entice you.

Typically, it tends to be a better deal the more you ship, so if you’re only sending a few items per month, this service may not be worth it.

If you’re on the fence, know that there are no long-term contracts, so you won’t lose much by giving it a try.

Additionally, gives you a digital postage scale as part of your subscription, so you’ll never wonder how much postage to use.


With a motto like “Get your postage for less,” you know you’re in the right place to save money on stamps.

With that, Buy Discount Stamps offers a wide selection of postage stamps at wholesale and bulk pricing.

Usually, its inventory changes frequently, so it’s worth checking the site every few days to see if it has new deals.

In addition to its huge selection of stamps, Buy Discount Stamps offers free shipping on all orders and doesn’t levy sales tax on customers, meaning even more savings for you.

In terms of deals, Buy Discount Stamps is currently offering a roll of 100 Forever Stamps for $52.20, which is $5.80 (or 10%) cheaper than USPS retail prices.

If bulk packs aren’t your thing, Buy Discount Stamps also offers deals on smaller packs of postcard stamps, cent stamps, and additional ounce stamps.

Moreover, while there is no minimum number of stamps you need to buy, there is a $500 purchase limit at Buy Discount Stamps.

5. Stamp Dealers

5. Stamp Dealers USPS

Believe it or not, philately, or the study of postage stamps, is a big industry. Unfortunately for collectors, it’s also a very volatile one. But, that’s good news for regular consumers.

Here’s how it works: stamp collectors often buy unique stamps when they’re first released in hopes that they’ll become valuable one day.

More often than not, the stamps don’t increase in value, so collectors sell the stamps to dealers at a discount. Then, dealers pass these savings onto consumers.

Further, here are some places to find stamp dealers online:

Additionally, if you want to visit a stamp dealer in person, try searching “Stamp dealers near me” or “Stamp store near me” in your preferred search engine.

Also, keep in mind that buying stamps from a dealer may mean you have to use several stamps of varying values to cover the cost of First Class postage.

6. Costco

Costco is a wholesale giant that sells 100-packs of stamps at a slightly discounted price for members.

For example, while USPS currently sells 100 Forever Stamps for $58.00, Costco sells the same product for $57.75, or $0.25 cheaper than at USPS.

Fortunately, stamps can be purchased online or at your local Costco warehouse.

While the savings aren’t massive, they could add up over time depending on how many stamps you use.

However, be aware that you must be a Costco member to benefit from these savings, which cost either $60 or $120 per year, depending on your plan.

Therefore, it doesn’t make much financial sense to pay for a Costco membership just for the stamp discounts, but if you plan to do your grocery shopping there, the savings could be worth it.

Also, Costco limits customers to ten packs of 100 Forever Stamps per trip, so plan accordingly.

7. Sam’s Club

Like its Costco competitors, Sam’s Club also offers members discounts on USPS stamps.

For example, a 100-pack of Forever Stamps currently sells for $57.75 at Sam’s Club.

Also, you can order stamps online, order ahead of time and pick them up in-store or get a roll during your next shopping trip.

But, keep in mind that memberships cost either $45 or $100 per year depending on your plan, so only join if you’ll use your membership regularly.

In addition to the standard American flag stamps, Sam’s Club often carries Christmas stamps during the holiday season.

8. BJ’s Wholesale

Like competitors Costco and Sam’s Club, wholesale retailer BJ’s offers discounts on 100 packs of Forever Stamps.

That said, BJ’s is currently offering 100 postage stamps for $54.75, which is $3.25 cheaper (6% savings) than at the Post Office!

Again, remember to factor in the cost of a yearly membership ($50 in this case) when deciding whether to join.

Also, BJ’s sells 40 packs of Forever Stamps with holiday designs, so keep your eye out for when they’re released.

9. Walmart

Mega retailer Walmart sells USPS stamps in various designs and sizes (e.g., sheets of 20, rolls of 100).

With that, while some of the unique designs are priced higher than USPS prices, it’s still fairly easy to score a deal here.

For example, Walmart is currently offering a roll of 100 Forever Stamps for $43.50. At this price, that’s $14.50 cheaper than the going rate at USPS, or a 25% savings!

Moreover, stamps can be purchased online or at your local Walmart by heading to the Money Services or Customer Service desk.

Unlike the Post Office, Walmart is open seven days a week, sometimes until 11:00 pm, meaning you can get your hands on stamps even when the Post Office is closed.

10. Even More Ways To Save On Stamps

If you want to save even more money the next time you buy stamps, coupons and rewards programs are the way to go.

That said, coupons are especially great if you plan to buy stamps from online retailers like Amazon.

So, while they’re not specifically targeted for stamp savings, they will put more money in your pocket that you can use as you see fit.

Further, some of the best coupon sites include:

  • Rakuten
  • RetailMeNot

Also, you can browse rebate sites like Cashbackholic to find the best cashback offers when buying stamps through eBay.

Finally, try using your cashback credit card to “deal-stack” when purchasing stamps.

Here’s how it works; let’s say your credit card gives you 1% back on every purchase you make. Therefore, a 100-pack of stamps you purchased for $50 now only costs you $49.50. 

To learn more about USPS, you can also read our posts on USPS stamp types, do USPS stamps expire, and Purple Heart Forever stamps.


Without a doubt, eBay is the best place to find the most consistent stamp deals. Still, you may luck out on Amazon or at your local stamp dealer.

Additionally, those who mail a lot or have a business may also benefit from the discounts offered by and Buy Discounted Stamps.

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