Chewy Military Discount (Do They Have One, Alternatives + Other Ways to Save)

Military discounts are used by many retailers to drum up a positive public perception and draw in more customers.

With Chewy’s wide selection of products for pets, you might be interested in knowing whether or not a military discount is available to take better advantage. If so, read on!

Does Chewy Have a Military Discount In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Chewy doesn’t have a military discount in [currentyear]. Instead, the company has chosen to provide savings through other avenues such as free shipping, Autoship, accepting manufacturer coupons, and having a section on the website dedicated to daily deals. You can get free shipping on Chewy when your order is worth $49 or more while Autoship has automatic discounts applied.

To learn more about military discounts and Chewy, including ways to save without one and alternatives that have it in place, read on!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Have a Military Discount?

Like most stores that don’t have a military discount, Chewy likely doesn’t have one because it focuses instead on other ways to save money.

These alternatives are available to anyone that uses this platform, making them easier to apply and track on top of attracting more customers than one specialized discount.

How to Save at Chewy Without a Military Discount

How to Save at Chewy Without a Military Discount

As stated in the section above, Chewy has a host of different ways to save money at its stores without a military discount, including the following:

1. Autoship

Autoship is Chewy’s service that allows you to set up automatic regular deliveries for items you use frequently.

On Chewy, Autoship grants you an automatic 35% off, up to $20 on your first order, and 5% for every order after that.

This program is most suitable for things like pet food and medical supplies that you need to administer on a schedule.

Chewy takes between 1 and 3 days to deliver items, but this wait time goes up when it comes to items that require a prescription.

When you add your pet’s medication to Autoship, you get it delivered when you need it so you’re not forced to wait or remain in danger of forgetting to pick it up.

Autoship also allows you to add more items to your order, so you can have even more savings while consolidating your purchases.

You can also change your delivery dates, add more Autoship plans, postpone, or cancel a shipment right from the dashboard.

Autoship doesn’t automatically come with free shipping but, if your order is worth $49 or more, free shipping is applied just like it would be on any other Chewy order.

2. Manufacturer Coupons

Chewy accepts manufacturer coupons, and you can use these to save big on your purchases from the retailer.

To use a manufacturer coupon at Chewy, you would need to mail it to the company, along with your account information so it can be applied.

Send it to the following address:

Attn: Chewy Coupons

3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401

Hollywood, FL 33021

You can’t use a manufacturer coupon at Chewy unless it’s the original copy. You can’t send in a photocopy, photograph, scan, etc. even if it’s of the actual coupon you’d use.

You also can’t use a manufacturer coupon to buy anything at Chewy unless it’s still valid, i.e. it shouldn’t have expired. Chewy also won’t accept rebate manufacturer coupons.

3. Daily Deals

Chewy has a dedicated section on its website that shows you the latest deals so you can browse them and go for the ones that work best for you.

These Chewy deals include promo codes and coupons at times, but they also have items with drastically lowered prices.

For most of them, there is information attached that lets you know how long the offer is valid for with an expiry date so you can plan better.

4. Free Shipping

Chewy offers free shipping on orders that are worth $49 or more.

When your cart hits this figure, the discount is applied automatically so you don’t need to do anything from your end.

Free shipping on Chewy works just like regular shipping; you still get your order within 1 to 3 days, including weekends.

Unlike other retailers, Chewy’s free shipping is not limited to certain items. You can use it to get anything sold on this platform, from toys to prescription medication.

As stated above, you can use this with your Autoship to ensure you get the most savings possible when shopping on Chewy.

Which Pet Stores Have a Military Discount?

Most pet stores don’t have a military discount. However, if you’re willing to expand your scope, you could consider Target because it also sells pet supplies like Chewy.

Target’s military discount is active between November 1 and 11 every year where eligible people get 10% off their purchases both online and in-store.

In certain years, the discount runs longer than usual, like in 2021 when it ran from October 31 to November 13.

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Chewy does not have a military discount because it has opted to provide other ways for customers to save. These include Autoship, free shipping on orders over $49, manufacturer coupons, and daily deals.

Target is a good alternative to Chewy for military discounts because it also sells pet supplies and has discounts available between November 1 and 11 every year.

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