Chewy Vs. BarkBox (Prices, Delivery Times, Returns, Customer Satisfaction + More)

Chewy is arguably the most prominent online pet-focused retailer in the country, whereas BarkBox is becoming a popular provider of pet supplies for dog owners.

These companies have a lot of differences and similarities that get people confused, so I’ve researched both to help you decide which one is right for you!

Chewy Vs. BarkBox In 2024

Chewy and BarkBox are both online companies that focus on pet supplies as of 2024. However, Chewy is a retailer where you select what you want to buy, whereas BarkBox is a subscription service that sends you a package containing different items every month. Also, Chewy has a return policy, and BarkBox does not.

Keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about the similarities and differences between Chewy and BarkBox, including shipping and return policies, prices, and more!

Are BarkBox And Chewy The Same Company?

Chewy and BarkBox are not the same company.

While both were founded in the same year, 2011, Chewy is a publicly traded company that its shareholders now own, whereas BarkBox is still under the control and ownership of its management.

However, BarkBox is owned by BARK, which is publicly traded, and places it indirectly under public ownership.

How Are BarkBox And Chewy Similar?

As stated previously, BarkBox and Chewy share several similarities that make them hard to distinguish to a lot of people, some of which include the following:

  • Both were founded in 2011
  • Both are purely online businesses
  • Both sell pet supplies for dogs
  • Both use FedEx for shipping

What Is The Difference Between Chewy And BarkBox?

While Chewy and BarkBox share some similarities, they have even more differences that include the following:

  • Chewy is an online store, whereas BarkBox is a subscription service where you can’t choose what you get delivered.
  • BarkBox uses FedEx and USPS for shipping, while Chewy only uses FedEx.
  • Chewy is a publicly traded company, whereas a publicly traded company privately owns BarkBox.
  • Chewy only ships within the contiguous United States, whereas BarkBx ships all over the US, its territories, and Canada.
  • Chewy has products for all the popular pet types plus farm animals, whereas BarkBox focuses solely on dogs.
  • Chewy provides pet food, accessories, services, and supplies such as medication, whereas BarkBox only provides minor things like toys and treats.
  • BarkBox has its headquarters in New York, while Chewy has two in Boston and Florida.
  • Chewy has one delivery option as far as how fast you can get your order, while BarkBox has different options.
  • Chewy ships within one to three days, whereas BarkBox only ships this fast with priority shipping. Otherwise, BarkBox usually ships in two to eight business days.
  • Chewy delivers on weekends while BarkBox does not.
  • Chewy’s products are available as a standard product, while BarkBox offers them every month.

Is Chewy Or BarkBox Cheaper?

Is Chewy Or BarkBox Cheaper?

Comparing prices on BarkBox and Chewy is difficult because the companies have very different business models.

That said, Chewy lets you choose what you want to buy, whereas BarkBox sends you a box with items the company has selected.

However, Chewy does have the Goody Box, a somewhat similar product to what you’d get at BarkBox.

With the Goody Box, you receive different treats and toys, with options for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Then, three of these boxes cost $24.99, and one costs $29.99, and you only have to buy them once as opposed to a monthly delivery.

Moreover, this may seem cheaper at first, considering BarkBox’s most affordable plan costs $23 a month, but the Goody Box is a lot more limited in what you can get.

For example, BarkBox offers boxes with toys for dogs with more needs at lower prices if you get a yearly subscription.

So, if you regularly buy pet toys, a yearly BarkBox subscription makes the most sense, costing $299 a year or $25 a month.

On the other hand, Chewy is cheaper than BarkBox when it comes to shipping fees, with a flat rate of $4.95 or free shipping on orders over $49.

Further, BarkBox charges different shipping rates within the 48 contiguous states and $8 a month in Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Shipping

As stated above, both BarkBox and Chewy use FedEx among their shipping companies.

But, BarkBox also uses USPS in the US and DHL combined with Canada Post when shipping to Canada.

Usually, Chewy ships faster than BarkBox, between one and three days compared to two to eight business days in the same area.

Additionally, BarkBox has a priority shipping option that can get your delivery to you in one to three business days.

Unfortunately, Chewy does not ship outside the contiguous United States, meaning you can’t get an order delivered to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii.

Meanwhile, BarkBox ships products within the contiguous United States and Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada (8 to 12 business days).

Moreover, it might take longer to have your BarkBox delivered to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Also, shipping with Chewy costs a flat rate of $4.95 unless your order is more than $49, at which point it becomes free. In comparison, BarkBox shipping is charged based on where you live.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Return Policy

Chewy has one of the most generous return policies, where you can return an item up to 365 days after buying it.

BarkBox, on the other hand, does not have a return policy. So, if you get a box and you don’t like it, you can’t return it.

Additionally, BarkBox says that if you don’t like what you get, you can contact the company, so it sends different items in the future.

You can, however, request a replacement for things that were either missing or came damaged.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Customer Satisfaction

Both Chewy and BarkBox have 100% customer satisfaction guarantees in place, but Chewy is the only one that has a return policy to back it up.

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BarkBox and Chewy are similar in that they’re both online businesses, but Chewy is a retailer while BarkBox is a subscription service.

Also, BarkBox is cheaper than Chewy if you regularly get toys and subscribe to its annual package.

But, Chewy is more affordable in terms of delivery fees, with a low flat rate and free shipping for orders over $49.

Additionally, Chewy only ships within the contiguous US, while BarkBox ships all over the country plus Canada.

With that, Chewy ships in one to three days, including weekends, while BarkBox could take almost two weeks just in business days.

Finally, Chewy has a 365-day return policy, while BarkBox does not allow for any returns.

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