Costco Battery Core Charge (All You Need To Know)

Costco is known for selling a range of items at great discount prices to help shoppers save, along with an extensive range of automotive products and services.

In addition to this, Costco in some cases will charge a battery core charge when purchasing a battery. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Here is what I discovered!

What Is A Costco Battery Core Charge?

The Costco battery core charge is a deposit of around $10-$15 applied to the purchase of new batteries to encourage customers to return their old, lead batteries to be disposed of correctly at Costco. Upon the return of old batteries, Costco customers will have their core charge refunded, usually in cash.

To find out more information about Costco’s battery core charge, whether Costco can charge your battery, and how to save money on your batteries at Costco, keep reading!

How Much Is A Costco Battery Core Charge & How Does It Work?

Depending on the Costco, the battery core charge ranges from around $10-$15 (however, the price can vary from state to state).

The core charge is mandatory at Costco and is an additional fee added to the cost of your battery to incentivize you to bring the old battery back to Costco for proper disposal.

This is often done with manufactured products such as car parts (specifically car and marine batteries), as they often contain components that can be utilized to make new parts.

How Do I Get My Battery Core Charge Back From Costco?

To get your money back from your core charge, simply head in-store to your local Costco.

All you need to do is bring the receipt showing the battery core charge from when you purchased your new battery from Costco and your old battery.

You can begin your return either at the Customer Service Returns Counter or at the Tire Centre if your Costco has one. Your battery core charge will likely be refunded in cash at Costco.

What Batteries Does Costco Sell?

Does Costco Change Batteries?

Costco sells a wide variety of batteries for road and recreational vehicles and equipment such as lawnmowers.

Battery prices at Costco range from around $50-$100, depending on the size and the brand of the battery required.

Brands of batteries sold at Costco include Interstate batteries, which is a Costco-owned brand that is praised for its durability and long life span.

Like many of their other products, Costco Interstate batteries are often cheaper than other competitive retailers which makes them appealing to shoppers.

Do I Get A Warranty On Costco Batteries?

Costco members are entitled to a full warranty on their batteries, within the designated warranty time which is around 1-6 years.

Depending on the specifics of the issue with your battery, Costco can offer a free replacement, partial refund, return or exchange for faulty car batteries if within the warranty.

What Is The Costco Auto Program?

To help Costco save even more money, Costco offers an Auto Program. The Costco Auto Program can help Costco members save 15% on accessories for vehicles at garages and car service centers.

Unfortunately, not all car services are eligible for the Costco Auto Program discount, but battery replacements will qualify if you wish to have your new Costco battery placed into your car.

Costco offers a search tool on its website to help you discover participating service centers that can honor the discounts and coupons of the Costco Auto Program.

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Costco adds a fee onto the purchase of a battery known as a core charge to encourage customers to recycle their old car batteries by bringing them into Costco to claim their money back.

The deposit ranges from $10-$15 deepening on the Costco and is a compulsory charge with the purchase of a battery. You can bring your old battery and proof of purchase to any Costco in order to redeem your battery core charge.

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