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Recently, many people have asked for more information about the Costco pharmacist job, as pharmacists do so much more than fill prescriptions.

So, if you’re pursuing a degree in pharmacy studies and want more information about the duties, pay, or even how long your shift might be, check out this guide to see what I discovered! 

What is the Costco Pharmacist Job in [currentyear]? 

Licensed Costco pharmacists are an essential part of the nationally recognized pharmacy department in [currentyear]. Pharmacists aid Costco members in selecting medications and supplements, filling prescriptions, and administering other medical services like vaccines. Depending on the pharmacist’s experience, starting salaries can range from $63 per hour to $87 per hour and include Costco’s generous benefits.

To learn more about duties, pay, hours, and more for the Costco pharmacist job, keep reading for useful information and recommendations!

What are the Duties of a Costco Pharmacist?

Costco Pharmacists provide care and advice to their patients and educate other pharmacy professionals.

Their job also includes maintaining the health of Costco members and ensuring that the prescriptions in their stores are up-to-date.

With over 480 pharmacies, Costco ranks as one of the top 10 drug chains nationally.

Currently, Costco employs 1,800 pharmacists and has many opportunities to grow professionally in various pharmacy positions.

What Type of Education is Required for a Costco Pharmacist Job?

As a Costco pharmacist, you will prepare and administer appropriate pharmaceuticals to patients. You will either execute the doctor’s orders or address the patient’s needs as needed.

Since pharmacists oversee handing out prescribed medicine and assisting patients with their problems based on their expertise.

They should be well educated on medications and supplements and their proper uses.

If you want to become a Costco pharmacist, you’ll need to have a degree in pharmacy or pharmacology.

Additionally, candidates should meet the state licensing requirements for their state of residence.

While many states require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree for licensure, some states require a more advanced degree, such as a doctorate in pharmacy.

What are the Requirements for a Costco Pharmacist Job? 

What are the Requirements for a Costco Pharmacist Job? 

Besides education and licensing requirements, several other conditions must be met to be eligible for employment as a pharmacist at Costco, including the following:

  • A passion for drug therapy
  • A passion for helping people
  • A desire to learn new things every day
  • A willingness to work as a team member
  • First-rate written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer service skills with a positive approach
  • A desire to improve continuously
  • An ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently
  • Ability to work in an organized manner
  • Past work history as a pharmacist is preferred
  • Having a thorough understanding of dosage administration and measurement, chemical compounds, medical brands, etc.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Pharmacy information systems (such as MediTech, Mediware, etc)

In addition, all Costco employees must pass a criminal background check. Notwithstanding, Costco pharmacists also must meet the DEA regulations regarding controlled substances.

What are the Daily Responsibilities of a Costco Pharmacist?

The daily responsibilities of a Costco Pharmacist are varied and often include working as part of a team in a large-scale pharmacy. Here is what you can expect from the job:

  • Helping people understand their medication schedule
  • Working with members to ensure their medications are compatible with one another
  • Providing patient care, including help in filling prescriptions and dispensing medication
  • Efficiently organize pharmacy shelves and bins so that staff can easily and quickly identify prescriptions
  • Monitor delivering, stocking, and labeling medicine and other products
  • Review the condition of products to prevent expiration or deterioration
  • Listen to customers to interpret their health needs, as well as provide information or guidance on products, medications, and supplements
  • Offer other medical services, such as vaccinations and blood pressure/temperature measurements
  • Make records of all activities for patient history and keep track of the medication you prescribe to that patient

Additionally, by attending conferences and seminars, collaborating with other healthcare professionals, and keeping up to date on advancements in medicine, you can stay abreast of advances in the field.

What Hours Do Pharmacists Work at Costco? 

Although many Costco pharmacists work 40 hours a weekend, the hours can fluctuate depending on seasonal demand.

Besides full-time positions, there are openings for part-time and relief/floating pharmacist positions, which allow for some flexibility.

What Pay and Benefits are Available for Pharmacists Working at Costco?

Costco pharmacist salaries average at $75 per hour. According to Glassdoor, the range of wages for a pharmacist at Costco can be from $63 per hour to $87 per hour.

Additionally, significant benefits come with this position, including employee discounts, health insurance, retirement planning, paid time off, and professional support services. 

Besides these significant benefits, pharmacists help people daily and make a difference in their lives. Also, Forbes ranked Costco as one of the “Top 10 Best Jobs.”

How Do I Apply for a Costco Pharmacist Job? 

Whether you’re interested in joining a company with a strong reputation or just looking for a job that offers more opportunities for upward mobility, the Costco website is where you should start your search.

For pharmacist career opportunities, you can apply online. By clicking on the link, the applicant agrees to be taken to the external Costco Career website.

On the webpage, applicants can search for pharmacist job openings at retail locations hiring in their area.

If they don’t have openings nearby retail locations, the careers website will allow them to see any available positions open in another zip code.

Another way to search for openings is by job title, which will pull up the job description linked here.

On the job description page, applicants find a small amount of information about the job and its duties.

As you scroll further down the page, you will find a link to apply and select a location.

After selecting the location, you must enter the Costco portal to fill in the pharmacist job application.

To access this step, log in to an applicant profile.

If the applicant has applied to other Costco jobs, they can access their profile with the same sign-in information.

However, brand new job seekers must establish a new profile by providing their contact information and email address.

Besides this requirement, Costco pharmacists must complete an application form, where they will be asked questions about education, experience, and licensure. 

Is the Costco Pharmacist Position a Good Job?

As previously mentioned, Costco and Costco pharmacy is nationally recognized places of employment.

In fact, Forbes magazine has recognized the company multiple times on its top 10 list of the World’s Best Employers.

Not to forget, Costco pharmacy is one of the top 10 drugstore chains in the USA.

Besides these recognitions, the position is well paid, offers opportunities for career advancement, and has excellent benefits.

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Costco pharmacists are an essential part of the pharmacy services team at Costco Wholesale stores.

They have duties that include dispensing prescription drugs, offering advice on medications to members, and administering other pharmacy services.

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