CVS Break Policy (All You Need To Know)

Breaks are important for employees working long shifts in large retail stores since breaks allow them to rest their bodies, have some food, and come back refreshed and productive once again.

So if you’ve recently joined CVS as a staff worker, you may be wondering – what is the break policy at CVS? How long and how frequently do you get breaks? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

CVS Break Policy

CVS’s Break Policy allows a paid 15-minute break for every 4 hours worked at CVS and an additional unpaid 30-minute break if you work for over 6 hours. Employees must take their breaks in accordance with the law at the time advised by the CVS manager.

If you want to learn more about the employees that are entitled to breaks at CVS, when you can take your breaks, and whether it is mandatory to take the allotted breaks, keep on reading!

How Many Breaks Do I Get At CVS?

According to online sources, you can receive a 15-minute paid break at CVS for every 4 hours that you have worked.

In this way, you get 1 paid break for working for 4 hours at CVS, and 2 paid breaks for working 8-hour shifts.

Note that all 15-minute breaks at CVS are paid and are mandatory to take for all employees.

Do I Get A Lunch Break If I Work For 6 Hours At CVS?

You have to take a 30-minute unpaid lunch break at CVS if you work for at least 6 hours.

Other than that, some states have laws where you cannot work for over 5 hours without having a lunch break, which means you must take your lunch break at CVS before this time.

How Long Is A Lunch Break At CVS?

A lunch break at CVS is 30 minutes long and unpaid, in accordance with the break policy at CVS.

In contrast, rest breaks are only 15 minutes long but are included in the paid working time of employees.

Do Pharmacists Get Breaks At CVS?

Do Pharmacists Get Breaks At CVS?

While some online reports have suggested that pharmacists do not receive breaks at CVS, the law entitles all workers to breaks, including pharmacists.

Keep in mind that CVS pharmacists are entitled to the same breaks as other CVS workers, including one, paid 15-minute break for every 4 hours and an additional unpaid 30-minute lunch break for 6 hours.

So if you are not receiving regular breaks at CVS as a pharmacist, contact the relevant state authorities, as it is against the law.

Do I Get To Choose When To Take My Break At CVS?

At CVS, it is ultimately the manager’s decision when employees can take their breaks.

Many CVS stores have busy periods that require a certain number of staff members to be actively working, meaning no breaks are permitted during this period.

However, managers at CVS cannot deny you your breaks altogether, as it is a legal requirement that you take them.

Note that your manager will be able to advise you at the start of your shift when it will be the best time to take your break.

Do I Get Paid For My Breaks At CVS?

You get paid for the 15-minute breaks at CVS that you get for every 4 hours worked. However, you do not get paid for your 30-minute lunch break at CVS.

CVS operates a clocking system, meaning you clock in at the beginning of your shift and clock out at the end of your shift.

Similarly, you are requested to clock out when you take your lunch break and clock back in when you are ready to work again.

Do I Have To Take My Breaks At CVS?

It is a legal requirement for you to take your breaks at CVS. Each state has specific laws pertaining to workers’ rights, and it is essential that workers take their breaks.

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CVS implements a break policy in accordance with state law to give their workers fair and regular breaks. Workers are entitled to paid 15-minute breaks for every 4 hours worked at CVS, and a 30-minute lunch break for every 6 hours worked.

It is mandatory that CVS workers take their allocated break and lunch rests in accordance with working laws. As CVS can have busy periods, CVS managers have the final decision of when to approve the time workers take their breaks and lunch breaks.

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