Do AirTags Work With Android? (All You Need to Know)

POV: you’re thinking about purchasing Apple AirTags, but you don’t own an iPhone. So, you’re probably wondering: do AirTags work with Android?

Well, I have been researching whether AirTags work with Android and have found the answer, so read further to learn what I’ve discovered about this topic!

Do AirTags Work With Android?

AirTags can’t be set up using any Android devices, since you need to have the U1 chip from an Apple device and the Find My app to have full functionality of the AirTags. However, Apple released an Android app called Tracker Detect, which allows you to track the AirTags with an Android device using Bluetooth in [currentyear].

Are you looking for other information related to this topic, like which phones work with AirTags? If so, keep reading as I dive further into the details about this topic!

Are There AirTags for Android?

AirTags aren’t available for Android devices, since it was developed by Apple to use with specific Apple devices. As well, you need an Apple device to simply set up the AirTags.

Therefore, if you want a similar item tracker for your Android device, you should look at Tile or Samsung, since those are the top two alternatives to AirTags for Android.

Can You Use Apple Tracker With Android?

You can’t use Apple Tracker with Android, but you can download Tracker Detect, which was the app Apple released for Android devices that can allow you to track items nearby.

In addition, you don’t have full functionality with Tracker Detect, since you have to search for a tag nearby and prompt it to detect the item trackers instead of having an auto-scan option.

However, Tracker Detect does allow you to play a sound through the app to help you locate the lost AirTags, but you can’t see them on a map, since that requires an iOS device.

What Phones Work With AirTags?

What Phones Work With AirTags? Apple

You can use any iOS device that is running iOS 14.5 or newer, including an iPod Touch or iPhone, and it will work on an iPad running iPadOS 14.5 or newer as well.

That being said, to have full functionality of AirTags, you need an Apple device that has a U1 chip built into it.

Therefore, AirTags works best with the iPhone 11 or newer, since you can more accurately track the AirTags on Find My using ultra-wideband technology. 

Does Samsung Have AirTags?

Samsung has a product available as an alternative to AirTags for those on Android called the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus.

Furthermore, the Samsung devices are similar to Apple’s AirTags, since they use Galaxy Find, which is like the Find My network Apple uses to help you locate your items.

In addition, the Samsung SmartTag when linked to an ultra-wideband frequency allows you to locate your items more accurately, but these devices only work with Samsung phones.

That being said, the price is nearly the same as the Apple AirTag, so it’s a great option if you own a Samsung phone.

Do I Need an iPhone to Use AirTags?

You don’t need to have an iPhone, but you’ll need an Apple device to use the AirTags, which means you’ll need an iPhone, iPod Touch, Macbook, or an iPad to use AirTags.

Also, the iOS device will need to be running on iOS 14.5 or higher, and if you want the best accuracy of finding your lost AirTags, you’ll need to be on an iPhone 11 or newer.

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Apple AirTags don’t work with Android since you need an Apple device running iOS 14.5 to set them up, and full functionality of AirTags requires specific Apple devices. However, you can download Tracker Detect for Android, the app Apple developed to help you locate AirTags.

Note, though, you have to manually scan for them, since it can’t auto-scan. Therefore, if you want an item tracker for your Android device, you will need to look at products such as Tile or Samsung SmartTag if you have a Samsung phone.

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