Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire? (All You Need to Know)

Amazon gift cards are a convenient and thoughtful gift because they let the recipient choose their own gift. Whether you’re the giver or the recipient, you may have wondered how much time the recipient has to use the card and if Amazon gift cards expire.

Well, we researched the matter and came up with some very useful information. Carry on reading for all you need to know about Amazon gift cards and expiry dates!

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire In [currentyear]?

Amazon gift cards purchased in the US after October 1, 2005, don’t expire and the balance can be used at any time in [currentyear]. Gift card recipients can redeem their cards by adding the balance to their Amazon accounts, where it remains available for future purchases. Gift cards that haven’t been redeemed can still be used to pay at checkout.

To find out more about how to redeem and use Amazon gift cards, carry on reading. You’ll find all the details you need to know here!

How Long Is an Amazon Gift Card Valid For?

Amazon gift cards are thoughtful and practical gifts that let recipients choose their gifts for themselves.

But you may have wondered if gift cards expire and how long you can wait before using a gift card.

The good news is that any Amazon gift card purchased in the US after October 1, 2005, does not expire and the balance can be used at any time for any purchases.

In some US states, including CA, CT, LA, ME, MD, MA, MT, NH, ND, OK, RI, VT, and WA, balances before October 1, 2005, are also credited to the recipient’s account and can be used for payment.

Customers outside the US should check the expiry date for gift cards with their Amazon local customer service or website.

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card can be an actual physical card bought at a retailer or an online gift card.

Both kinds of cards can be activated or redeemed by adding their value to your own Amazon account online or in the app.

Redeeming a card is not the same as using it to make a purchase.

Rather, you are activating the card and adding its balance to your Amazon account so that it is available next time you need to pay for a purchase.

To activate or redeem your Amazon gift card, begin by logging in to your Amazon account. You can do this online or in the Amazon mobile app.

Scroll down to Payments in the menu, and then click on Your Payments. Scroll down again to Amazon Gift Card, and click on Redeem a Gift Card.

Enter the gift card number and PIN in the box and the amount of the card will be added to your account. It can then be used to make payments for Amazon purchases.

How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

You can check your gift card balance by logging in to your account on the Amazon website, or in the mobile app.

On the Amazon Website

Log in to your account, and in Accounts and Lists, click on Accounts.

Under Accounts, click on Gift Cards. This will take you to a page listing all your gift cards.

The total available balance will be displayed on the top.

In the Amazon Mobile App

In the Amazon mobile app, log in to your account and then click on Profile.

Under Profile, you can scroll down to Gift Cards and check your balance.

What Happens If an Amazon Gift Card Is Not Redeemed?

Even if you don’t redeem an Amazon gift card by adding its value to your account, the card does not expire. It can be used to make payments for Amazon purchases at any time.

How Do I Use an Amazon Gift Card at Checkout?

If you redeem your Amazon gift card, the amount is credited to your account and you can use it to make payments.

If you haven’t redeemed your gift card at the time when you make an Amazon purchase, you can still use it at the checkout.

To use your gift card at checkout, go to your shopping cart and click on Proceed to Checkout. The next page will ask you to add a payment method.

Here you can click on “Enter a Gift Card, Voucher or Promotional Code” and then enter the gift card code. Continue to the next page to review and submit your order.

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Amazon gift cards are practical gifts that are always welcome. Best of all, Amazon gift cards bought after October. 1, 2005 never expire and can be used any time.

Gift cards can be redeemed or activated by adding the amount to your Amazon account. They can also be used at checkout. 

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