Do Amazon Packages Come Early? (All You Need To Know) 

Amazon makes fulfilling shipping much easier with resources such as Amazon Prime, where customers can receive packages as early as the same day their package was shipped.

However, non-Prime Amazon customers may receive their packages much earlier than calculated and may be curious as to the reason. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

Do Amazon Packages Come Early?

Amazon packages will often arrive earlier than their estimated delivery date. Amazon will calculate longer delivery times to compensate for any shipping delays or lack of stock. However, customers will often receive their orders much earlier than expected due to ease of shipping or the item they purchased having a plentiful amount of stock. 

If you’d like to learn more about the accuracy of Amazon delivery times, how Amazon calculates shipping times, what time packages usually arrive, and more, keep reading for useful facts and tips!

How Accurate Are Amazon Delivery Times?

Amazon delivery times are generally quite accurate. Amazon fulfills orders with the goal of having packages shipped out and delivered as soon as possible, preferably before the estimated delivery date.

Amazon’s estimated delivery dates may calculate a package arriving much later than it likely will in order to account for unprecedented issues during shipping and delivery, such as back-ups or poor weather. 

Nevertheless, Amazon will generally have packages arrive on the date estimated at the very latest. 

Some customer reviews state the occasional time when a package arrived a couple of days after the estimated date but also stated that this rarely occurs 

What Time Do Amazon Packages Usually Arrive?

Amazon packages will usually arrive shortly before or on the estimated delivery date. Sometimes, packages may arrive quite early or a few days after the estimated date of arrival, depending on shipping delays.

When an Amazon package is delivered with Amazon Prime, some packages will have specific time stamps on them, stating that the package will be delivered directly to a customer’s house by a certain hour of the day.

Amazon will update the estimated timestamp as the ordered package makes its way toward the recipient’s house.

For example, a customer’s order page may initially state that the package will arrive on a certain day and then later update it more specifically to “Your package will arrive today by 8 pm” or a similar time of day.

How Does Amazon Calculate Shipping Times?

How Does Amazon Calculate Shipping Times?

Amazon calculates shipping speed by adding transit time to the estimated delivery date. They may also account for unprecedented issues, such as poor weather, low stock, and other similar problems. 

Amazon may update their shipping estimations on customers’ order pages to account for these issues.

For example, if the original estimated delivery is 4-7 days, but there is a significant delay in ordering time, Amazon may change the estimated delivery date to 24-30 days. 

Therefore, customers are encouraged to regularly check their order details, particularly during peak shopping times such as the holiday season. 

What If My Amazon Package Arrives When I’m Not Home to Sign For It?

When customers place orders through Amazon Prime, Amazon may require the order to be signed for when it’s delivered to the recipient’s house. 

However, if the package arrives earlier or later than expected, and the customer is not home to sign for it, Amazon delivery drivers will leave the package in a secure area around the customer’s house. 

However, if there is no secure area present, Amazon will leave a “We Missed You” card at the door and will make three more delivery attempts. 

If customers are concerned about meeting their packages on time, they are encouraged to regularly check their order details in case of any updates. 

Does Amazon Allow Scheduled Delivery?

If customers would like to be present for their Amazon delivery, they have the option to make a scheduled delivery for select products. 

A scheduled delivery is generally offered for large items such as furniture, fixtures, and other items that require immediate placement within a house. 

If an item is eligible for scheduled delivery, the product page will state “Scheduled Delivery” on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Scheduled delivery requires an adult to sign for the package. However, if an adult is not home at the time of delivery, Amazon will take the package, and the delivery will have to be rescheduled.

Therefore, if customers wish to place a scheduled delivery, they are recommended to select a date that they are reasonably certain they will be at home for. 

Do Amazon Pre-Orders Arrive Early?

When customers place a pre-order for a product, Amazon will usually deliver the item shortly before or on the day of the product’s release.

If customers have Prime, they’ll receive their pre-ordered item on the day it’s released to the public.

However, non-Prime members’ packages may not arrive until a couple of days after the day their pre-order is released.

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