Do Apple Headphones Work on Xbox? (All You Need to Know)

Perhaps you have been thinking about buying Apple headphones for your Xbox. However, you may want to know: do Apple headphones work on Xbox?

Well, I have been looking into this question and have found the answer, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered! 

Do Apple Headphones Work on Xbox?

Apple headphones do work on the Xbox since there is a 3.5 mm audio jack that is compatible with both in 2024. However, there might be static when you first connect the Apple headphones to your Xbox, which means you may need to go into your Settings on the Xbox to fix this common issue. 

Do you have more questions, such as do Apple headsets work with Xbox One? If so, don’t stop reading because I’ll answer that and more below! 

Can You Use Apple Headphones as an Xbox Headset?

You can use Apple headphones as an Xbox headset. However, there might be static when you plug in the Apple headphones to your Xbox controller. 

Therefore, follow the simple steps below to fix the issue with the static on your Xbox controller when you first plug in the Apple headphones: 

  1. Plug the Apple headphones into your Xbox controller 
  2. On the Xbox controller, double-click the “Home” button
  3. Scroll until you see the gear icon to get into “Settings”
  4. Turn “Headset Mic” off 
  5. Turn “Mic Monitoring” down until it reaches “0”

Do Apple Headsets Work With Xbox One?

Apple headsets will work with Xbox One. However, you’ll hear only audio if you have a wireless controller, since the microphone isn’t likely to work unless you use a splitter adapter. 

Furthermore, the microphone may work without a splitter adapter if you have a wired Xbox One controller. However, it will depend on which model of the Xbox One controller you own. 

Can You Use Apple Wired Headphones on the Xbox?

You can use Apple wired headphones on an Xbox provided the headphones and controller both have the 3.55 mm headphone jack. 

However, if the Apple wired headphones have the lightning connector, which is a flat connector, you can’t use that type of wired headphone for Xbox. 

How Do You Use Apple Headphones as a Mic on Xbox One?

How Do You Use Apple Headphones as a Mic on Xbox One?

If you want to use your Apple headphones as a mic on Xbox One, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go into your Xbox One “Settings” 
  2. Select “Devices & Connections” 
  3. Select “Remote Features”
  4. Click on “Enable Remote Features” 
  5. Download the Xbox One app onto your mobile device and install it if you haven’t already 
  6. Open the Xbox app and then log in to your account
  7. Select the icon for “Xbox Console”
  8. Select “Remote Play On This Device”
  9. You can now stream the video and audio from your Xbox to your phone
  10. Connect the AirPods to your phone and you can now use the mic 

Alternatively, you can purchase a splitter adapter and plug your Apple headphones in, and then plug your splitter adapter in to your console. 

You’ll want to go into the input source and select the headphones, which will allow you to use the mic while you’re gaming on the Xbox One. 

Can You Use AirPods for Xbox Mic?

You can use AirPods for Xbox mic, but you can’t use the microphone and audio functions at the same time. 

Therefore, you’ll have to choose whether you want to talk or want to stream the Xbox audio. 

So, if you want to utilize both the audio and mic at the same time, you should choose a different headset for your Xbox than the AirPods. 

Can You Use Apple Wired Headphones on Xbox Series S?

As long as your Apple wired headphones have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, you can plug them into the controller of your Xbox Series S and the wired headphones will work like normal. 

Can I Connect AirPods to Xbox Series S?

You can’t directly connect your AirPods to your Xbox Series S, but you can use the Xbox app on your mobile device or tablet to act as a go-between. 

Furthermore, once you’ve downloaded the Xbox app and signed in, you can connect your AirPods to your phone or tablet and then utilize it as the middleman for your Xbox Series S.

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Apple headphones will work on the Xbox if it has a 3.5 mm jack, but you’ll notice static when you first plug in your Apple headphones to your Xbox controller. If so, go into the “Settings” on your Xbox and turn the “Headset Mic” off and turn “Mic Monitoring” down to use the set. 

However, Apple headphones can only pick up audio with the Xbox so if you want to use the mic you’re going to either need a splitter adapter or will need to download the app and use “Remote Play.” 

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