Do Safeway Cash Checks? (Personal, Payroll, Handwritten, Cashiers + More)

Many different grocery and retail stores will allow their customers to cash checks.

Stores such as Walmart, Stop and Shop, Albertsons, and others will offer this service for their clientele, allowing them to cash a variety of different checks.

If you’re a Safeway customer, perhaps you’re wondering if they also offer this service. If so, continue reading through this article to see what information I gathered on this topic!

Do Safeway Cash Checks?

Safeway stores do offer a cash-checking service at all store locations. Safeway will cash payroll, cashiers, government-issued, and stimulus checks up to a maximum value of $1500. The fees for cashing checks at Safeway are 1.15% of the value of the check.

If you’d like to learn more about Safeway’s check cashing policy, the types of checks customers can cash at Safeway, how much they charge to cash checks, and more, continue reading through this article for more helpful information.

What Is Safeway’s Cash Checking Policy?

While Safeway does, in fact, offer a cash checking service, they have to follow a certain set of rules in accordance with their policy.

Before customers bring checks into Safeway to be cashed, they should be familiar with the current policy.

According to Safeway’s checking policy, while they do allow a number of different checks to be cashed, not every type of check is eligible for their service.

The types of checks they do allow are as follows:

  • Payroll checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Government-issued checks
  • Stimulus checks

In order to cash a government-issued check at Safeway, customers must have a government-issued ID with them in order to verify their identity.

Additionally, Safeway will not cash checks that exceed $1500.

What Kind Of Checks Does Safeway Not Cash?

While Safeway allows certain checks to be cashed, not every type will qualify.

According to their policy, the following checks currently do not qualify for cash:

  • Personal checks
  • Handwritten checks

Safeway does not allow these types of checks to be cashed due to the risk of fraud.

If the identity of the check holder cannot be adequately identified, then Safeway cannot take the risk of cashing the check.

How Many Checks Can You Cash At Safeway?

How Many Checks Can You Cash At Safeway?

While there is reportedly no limit on how many checks a person can cash at Safeway, there is a limit to how much money a customer is able to cash at once.

Therefore, depending on how much money your individual checks add up to will depend on how many you’re able to cash at once.

Because Safeway only cashes government, payroll, and cashiers’ checks, it’s reasonable to conclude that only a couple of checks could be cashed at once, depending on how much money a person makes on the payroll.

How Much Does It Cost To Cash A Check At Safeway?

Safeway charges per $200 when customers cash cheques (it costs $2.25 per $200 to cash a cheque at Safeway, which equates to a 1.15% fee).

For example, in order to cash a check of $1,000, customers would end up paying $11.25.

Which Days Of The Week Do Safeway Cash Checks?

Safeway usually makes its cash checking service available seven days a week.

However, the hours of operation will differ per Safeway location. Some stores offer this service 24/7, while other stores operate on a smaller operational schedule.

In order to find out what time your local Safeway allows customers to cash checks, it’s recommended to call the Reception Desk or visit your local store and ask a store associate.

Where Does Safeway Cash Checks In the Store?

Safeway cashes checks at the customer service desk in most of their stores. However, this may differ per location.

Additionally, if you’re unable to locate their cash checking center, you can ask at the customer service/reception desk for assistance.

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Safeway cashes checks at all of its store locations across Canada and the United States. They accept government checks, payroll checks, stimulus checks and cashiers checks.

Unfortunately, they are unable to cash personal or handwritten checks currently.

Safeway cashes its checks according to a few specific rules. Checks cannot exceed $1500 or they will be cashed.

They also charge a fee for most checks, as customers have to pay $2.25 for every $200 on the check they are cashing, excluding stimulus checks.

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