Do Starbucks Stars Expire? (+ Other Common FAQs)

In the popular Starbucks loyalty program known as Stars for Rewards, customers earn Stars with each purchase. Then, Stars can be redeemed for rewards such as free food, drinks, or merchandise items.

Many customers may be wondering if Starbucks Stars expire, how and where they can be redeemed, and more. Here are the answers to all your questions about Starbucks Stars!

Do Starbucks Stars Expire?

Starbucks Stars do expire if they’re not redeemed for Rewards within six months. However, if you have a Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, your Stars will not expire so long as your credit card or prepaid card account is open. Additionally, you can check which Stars will expire by logging into your Starbucks account.

You may have many other questions about the Stars for Rewards Program, such as how to join the program, how and where to redeem Stars, how to keep track of your Stars, and more. Here’s what I’ve found out!

How Much Time Do I Have To Redeem My Rewards?

Starbucks’ Stars for Rewards is a popular loyalty program with over 16 million enrolled members. With that, members earn Stars with every purchase, which can be redeemed for various rewards.

However, Starbucks customers must redeem Stars for rewards within six months.

To keep track of when your Stars are due to expire, you can log in to your Starbucks account and check out the “Expiring Soon” tab in the “Rewards” section.

However, if you have a Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, your Stars don’t expire as long as your credit card or prepaid account remains open.

Additionally, if your account or card is closed, your Stars will expire six months after the calendar month when the account was closed.

Do Starbucks Stars Expire On the First Or Second Of the Month?

At Starbucks, Stars expire six months after the calendar month in which you earned them.

So, any Stars earned in June of any year that are not used within six months will expire next January 1st.

If you have additional questions about the expiration date on Star rewards, you can view the full Terms and Conditions for Starbucks Rewards.

How Do I Join the Stars For Rewards Program?

The first step in joining the Stars for Rewards Program is to create an account, which you can do online or in the Starbucks app.

If you join the program via the app, you have access to the full range of rewards. Once you’ve created an account, you can start earning Stars right away.

Additionally, you earn stars every time you make a Starbucks purchase, whether you use your credit or debit card, pay cash, or make payments within the Starbucks app.

Moreover, you can start using your Stars to get rewards with as little as 25 Stars. For more information about the rewards structure, feel free to visit Starbucks’ website.

How Do I Earn Starbucks Stars?

How Do I Earn Starbucks Stars?

You can earn Stars in a few ways, including in-store and app purchases, using your Starbucks Rewards Visa card, and even buying Starbucks products at the grocery store.

In-Store Purchases

When you make purchases at stores, using cash, credit or debit cards, or mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you earn one Star for every dollar you spend.

However, you must make sure to scan the member barcode or link the payment to your app.

In-App Purchases

When you use your Starbucks Card within the Starbucks app to make purchases, you earn two Stars for each dollar spent.

Again, you must make sure to link your Starbucks Card to your Stars account or scan your Member barcode before paying.

Starbucks Rewards Visa Card

Using your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card gives you even more Stars for every dollar you spend at Starbucks.

For example, when you use it to reload your registered Starbucks Card via the Starbucks app or online, you earn one Star for every dollar you add to your Starbucks Card.

Also, you earn an additional two Stars every time you use your Starbucks Card or the Starbucks app to make a payment.

Also, you earn one Star for every four dollars you spend using your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card for purchases at other stores besides Starbucks.

For example, for every two dollars you spend using your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card at grocery stores, on local transit and commuting expenses, for phone, internet, and cable, you earn one Star.

Bonus Stars

Additionally, Starbucks offers the opportunity for Bonus Stars, which you can earn through special offers, Double Star Days, and games.

To receive bonus Stars, you must opt-in to get emails with special personalized offers.

Grocery Store Purchases Of Starbucks Products

Grocery store purchases of qualifying Starbucks products can also earn Stars. However, the number of Stars you get from each purchase depends on the items purchased. 

Also, members can stop by at a Starbucks store for a free treat on their birthdays.

How Do I Redeem Stars Rewards?

You can start redeeming your Rewards as soon as you reach 25 Stars. With that, you can find complete details about the rewards structure online on the Starbucks website. 

For example, here are the rewards you can get with the corresponding number of required Stars:

  • 25 Stars: customized drink
  • 50 Stars: bakery item with a beverage
  • 150 Stars: drink, hot breakfast, or parfait
  • 200 Stars: salad, sandwich, or protein box
  • 400 Stars: select merchandise or a bag of coffee

Where Do I Redeem Stars Rewards?

You can redeem Rewards at Starbucks company-owned stores and Starbucks stores at US airports, Target Starbucks stores, and Starbucks stores located within grocery stores.

However, you cannot redeem rewards at Starbucks kiosks at locations like hospitals and university campuses.

Also, you should be aware that some Starbucks locations can only redeem one reward tier, at 150 Stars for food and beverages.

What Is A Star Code?

Star Codes are unique codes customers earn by participating in exclusive offers for Rewards members or purchasing special Starbucks products in grocery stores.

However, it’s important to note that you can only redeem Star codes online

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