Do Subway Gift Cards Expire? + Other Common FAQs

If you’re on the lookout for a fast-food gift card, Subway provides several options for fans of its sandwiches. Before you plunk down your money, you may want to ask a few relevant questions.

For instance, how expensive are the cards, and do they ever expire? If you are thinking about buying a Subway gift card, read further to find out more!

Do Subway Gift Cards Expire?

Subway gift cards do not have an expiration date as of 2024. Furthermore, there’s the option to reload the card as well. The primary exception to this rule is Subway promotional cards, which have expiration dates on the front. Furthermore, you can access any remaining balances by pairing the gift card with another credit card during purchase.

As a general rule, Subway gift cards do not expire and are reusable, but are there other perks to purchasing and using these cards? To learn the answer to these and other relevant questions, read on!

How Do You Get a Subway Gift Card?

You can purchase a Subway gift card at any participating store or online.

Also, you can buy and send an eGift card to any friend, co-worker, or family member quickly and easily anywhere a Subway franchise exists.

That said, the cards range in denominations from $15 to $100 and, as stated previously, do not have an expiration date.

Also, if you make a Subway gift card purchase at a store location, you can ask the cashier about activation and use.

How Do You Reload a Subway Gift Card?

While you can register your card at a local Subway, one of the best ways to reload a Subway card is to set up a user account.

For example, a singular user can go to or download the Subway app to add money or combine cards after registration. 

Be advised that Subway only allows users to place a maximum of $500 in the account at one time. 

Can You Replace a Lost Subway Gift Card?

If you manage to lose, damage, or misplace your Subway card, you can easily replace it if you register it online.

To request a replacement, you must contact customer support at 1-877-697-8222.

To clarify, the online option is viable primarily because you need your Subway gift card number and pin to obtain the replacement.

Because you may not have this information on hand without internet account access, the ability to replace your card is not a choice you will have.

How Do You Use Your Remaining Balance?

How Do You Use Your Remaining Balance?

There are several ways to access and use the remaining balance of a Subway gift card.

First, you must log in to your Subway card account or access the app to see how much money remains on the card.

Afterward, you can combine cards to make a purchase or reload it.

Moreover, you can go to your local Subway and ask the cashier to check your gift card balance or call the toll-free customer service number on the card for assistance.

How Much Do Subway Gift Cards Cost?

Subway gift cards come in denominations of $15, $20, $25, $50, $75 and $100. That said, you can find the cards at your local Subway franchise or via the Subway website.

Alternatively, you can purchase Subway cards via the Subway mobile app and at participating stores like Walmart or Target.

In any case, locating the card you need or want is simply a matter of visiting a store or investigating your options online.

Can You Get Cash Back On a Subway Gift Card?

Per US law in eleven states and Puerto Rico, you can exchange the funds on the Subway gift card for cash. In Puerto Rico, the monetary value has to fall below $5.

Generally, Subway employees and representatives will not inform you that you can receive cashback on the gift cards.

So, if you desire to obtain the remaining money off your card, be sure to inquire about how you can get your funds.

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