Do USPS Trucks Have Cameras? (+ Other Common FAQs)

You probably see the boxy, squat USPS mail trucks almost every day. They’re so common that their wacky shape somehow blends into the background. You probably take them as much for granted, just like getting your mail on time.

But as ordinary as these trucks may be, very few of us have seen the inside of one. So, it’s not surprising to have a lot of questions.

For example, you may be wondering if USPS trucks have cameras. If you want the answer to this and other questions, you’ll have to read on!

Do USPS Trucks Have Cameras?

For the time being, USPS trucks have neither internal nor external cameras. This may change in the future, as USPS has begun testing internal cameras in a small sample of vehicles. In addition, new trucks slated for release in 2023 will come with a backup camera, a 360-degree camera, and blind spot sensors in the side-view mirrors.

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Do USPS Trucks Have Dashboard Cameras?

USPS Grumman LLV trucks do not have dashboard cameras. Or, at least, not yet. While mail carriers around the country have long relished the privacy offered by their Long Life Vehicles—or LLVs for short—these havens may not last forever.

2019 USPS announced plans to test vehicle cameras in two separate initiatives. For both tests, USPS outfitted trucks with 360-degree external cameras, internal cameras, and GPS devices.

USPS’ first initiative was designed to evaluate the feasibility of using video technology. In other words, the organization wanted to validate data collected by carriers via their Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) scanners.

That’s the official explanation, at least. Some employees hypothesize that USPS is testing to see if they can monitor mail carriers throughout the day.

In the second initiative, USPS tested the feasibility of using video and GPS technology to reduce vehicle collisions. They were also looking to see if cameras could help identify driver risks and causes of vehicle damage.

Such recordings could be used in a couple of ways. One way would be to identify vehicle location, speed, and direction in the event of a crash.

Another would have video proof to help settle disputes between letter carriers and civilians if there’s an accident.

For the time being, these tests are only preliminary. It remains to be seen when and to what extent cameras will be installed.

Moreover, it’s unclear if the National Association of Letter Carriers Union can fight any eventual changes.

Do USPS Trucks Have External Cameras?

Do USPS Trucks Have External Cameras?

Existing USPS trucks do not have external cameras, but this will change. In early 2021, USPS announced plans to release 165,000 new mail trucks into their fleet between 2023 and 2033.

In addition to being more eco-friendly and having more space for packages, the next generation of USPS trucks will also have improved safety features. External cameras are chief among these new features.

New trucks will be equipped with a backup camera, a 360-degree camera, and blind spot sensors in the side-view mirrors.

All of these features are designed to protect both drivers and pedestrians better.

Do USPS Trucks Have Trackers?

USPS trucks do not have trackers, but mail carriers have a handheld device called a Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) that provides real-time tracking information.

MDDs use a cellular network and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to generate real-time delivery tracking and location information.

More simply, the data generated by these scanners can help you closely monitor your packages.

You can check the location of your package from your smartphone or computer by heading to this website.

Do USPS Trucks Have Air Conditioning?

USPS trucks purchased before 2003 do not have air conditioning. Models purchased after this date do.

In more concrete terms, about 168,000 trucks do not have air conditioning, while about 68,000 do.

In 2023, USPS will start phasing out older models in favor of new vehicles.

These models will all have a cooling system that runs off the engine, allowing carriers to catch some relief, even in the hottest conditions.

Do USPS Trucks Have Heating?

USPS trucks are equipped with a heating system. However, many postal workers claim that the system is unreliable.

Do USPS Trucks Have 4-Wheel Drive?

USPS trucks do not have 4-wheel drive. Instead, they are real-wheel-drive.

What’s more, the front wheels of these trucks have narrower spacing than the rear wheels. This configuration improves the turning radius but makes driving in snowy conditions challenging.

Mail carriers report having difficulties controlling their trucks during snowstorms. Many use snow chains (USPS trucks also do not have snow tires) to complete their routes. 

Do USPS Trucks Have License Plates?

USPS trucks do not have license plates. Mail trucks have been exempted from licensing requirements since 1973 following a federal government order.

Although USPS trucks don’t have plates, each has a unique 7-digit number prominently printed on the vehicle’s back and front.

But just because mail trucks don’t have plates doesn’t mean they’re exempted from other rules of the road. USPS vehicles must be insured, and drivers are required to follow the same traffic laws as other drivers. 

Do USPS Trucks Have Registration?

USPS trucks are privately owned and inspected. That means that, unlike most vehicles on the road, USPS trucks do not carry a state registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 

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