Do Verizon Phones Have SIM Cards? (+ Other Common FAQs)

If you have a Verizon phone or are thinking about switching to a Verizon phone, you might be wondering about SIM cards and whether Verizon phones have SIM cards.

I wondered about the same thing, so I researched Verizon cell phones further. Here’s everything I discovered about SIM cards and Verizon cell phones!

Do Verizon Phones Have SIM Cards In [currentyear]?

Verizon phones have SIM cards, and they’re already installed on the device when you purchase your phone in most cases as of [currentyear]. You can get additional SIM cards from Verizon if the SIM gets damaged. With some devices, you can swap out SIM cards from one phone to another, but not all Verizon SIM cards are compatible.

Do you want to know more about Verizon phones and the types of SIM cards used in its devices? Keep reading to learn even more details about the SIM cards and other information!

Does Verizon Use Physical SIM Cards?

All Verizon phones that are newer than 2020 models will have a physical external SIM card.

Furthermore, external SIM cards allow you to take out the card and put it into another phone, and you can remove it easily if your phone is damaged.

How Much Is A SIM Card Through Verizon?

Verizon does not charge a fee for a SIM card replacement as long as you’re a Verizon customer. With that, you can choose to order one right from the website or visit a Verizon store.

Does Verizon Allow You To Switch SIM Cards?

Yes, Verizon allows you to switch SIM cards on your phones. Also, many people switch out SIM cards, so they don’t lose their contacts and other important information.

However, not all SIM cards will work with new Verizon phones, so you may need to change SIM cards if they came from a 3G phone and you’re now on a 4G or 4G LTE phone.

Likewise, if you activate SIM cards on a 4G LTE or 5G device, it will not work with a 3G phone.

Moreover, you can go to the Verizon SIM card page to see which SIM cards will work with which devices.

Also, when you switch SIM cards to a new device, you’ll have to confirm it through the Verizon website.

Why Is My Verizon SIM Card Not Working?

Why Is My Verizon SIM Card Not Working?

There are several reasons why a SIM card may not be working in your device, and some tips to fix the issue and general care include:

  • Take out the SIM card and put it into another device so you can see whether it’s the device or SIM
  • Ensure the SIM card you’re using will work for the device you own
  • Ensure that the SIM card has been properly placed into the tray
  • Make sure that the SIM is clean and hasn’t accidentally gotten wet
  • Do not touch the gold contact of the SIM card ever
  • If the SIM doesn’t fit properly, don’t try to modify it in any way or cut it
  • Ensure the SIM hasn’t gotten bent as a bent SIM will not work
  • Make sure the SIM has not been exposed to weather or extreme temperatures
  • Take the SIM out, reinsert it, and then reboot your device
  • Avoid getting the SIM card near any magnetic fields

If the above tips and tricks don’t help, you might need to grab a replacement SIM card from Verizon.

How Often Should A Verizon SIM Card Be Replaced?

SIM cards should last for ten to 15 years unless they get damaged, such as bent during installation, moisture, or extreme temperatures.

However, you might choose to replace your SIM card after four or five years if a new and improved cellular network is available, such as going from 4G to 5G.

Which Way Does A Verizon SIM Card Go In?

If you’re trying to put a SIM card into your device, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Look at the SIM card and find the gold contacts and look at the gold contacts inside your device
  • Ensure the gold contacts on the SIM card align with the gold contacts in the device
  • Make sure the notch on the SIM card lines up with the cut out on the device
  • Gently push the SIM card into the device
  • If you see an error message on your device, it means either the SIM card is incompatible or wasn’t correctly installed, so you’ll need to try to reinstall the SIM

However, the SIM card needs to be handled properly, so try to avoid touching the gold contacts during the installation process, which could damage the SIM card.

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Verizon phones that came out after 2020 will have external SIM cards only, meaning you can take out the SIM card and put it into another device.

However, it’s crucial to remember that you should never touch the gold contacts.

Also, SIM cards often are installed already on new devices, and if you need a replacement, Verizon offers them free of charge for customers.

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