Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers? [All You Need To Know]

IKEA is a multinational business with over 500 stores worldwide and a booming eCommerce site.

With over 2.5 billion web visits each year, IKEA delivery drivers work tirelessly to bring customers their online purchased goods, which often entails lugging large packages up driveways and stairs. So do you tip a hardworking IKEA delivery driver?

Here’s what I found!

Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers?

Tipping the IKEA delivery driver is optional. The recommended tip amount for professional furniture drivers is $5-$10 and $20+ to drivers for large or complex deliveries. Tipping is not included in the IKEA delivery fee, so tips should be paid in cash to IKEA delivery drivers if you decide to give one.

For more information on tipping the IKEA drivers, read on!

How Much Should I Tip An IKEA Delivery Driver?

Although IKEA drivers do not rely on tips, it only seems fair to reward those in high-energy jobs. The recommended tip amount for drivers delivering easily manageable furniture is between $5-$10.

Naturally, the tip value increases for drivers unloading large deliveries such as kitchen units, particularly when their delivery point is up several flights of stairs.

On average, high-effort deliveries are tipped $20 or more.

Overall, tipping is a personal preference with zero obligations. Many customers assess tip amounts based on the quality of the service they receive.

Shall I Tip The IKEA Driver If There Is A Delivery Fee?

Yes, only if you see a tip fit to provide. IKEA delivery fees are established at a $5 starting rate, which will increase depending on your delivery weight.

IKEA drivers are not given a portion of the delivery fee; therefore, tips are greatly appreciated.

How Do I Tip The IKEA Driver?

As tips are a personal touch, they should be provided in cash form. IKEA drivers are paid by salary, meaning you cannot attach a tip during the check-out process at

Simply present the cash to the driver once the delivery is completed.

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Conclusion: Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers?

You have the option of whether you wish to tip IKEA drivers. If you receive a small or manageable delivery, the recommended tip amount equates to $5-$10, whereas $20+ will suffice for large, high-energy deliveries. IKEA does not facilitate online tips; therefore, you’ll need to use cash.

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