Do You Tip Lowe’s Delivery? (Appliance Installers, Delivery Drivers, Wood Cutters, + More)

When you get a delivery from Lowe’s, it’s always treated with care and attention. At Lowe’s, all employees are expected to deliver products with professionalism!

But with such a great service, you may be wondering if you need to tip for these services. I’ve been looking into whether you tip Lowe’s delivery for this very reason, and here’s what I’ve found!

Do You Tip Lowe’s Delivery?

Currently, Lowe’s does not allow its employees to accept tips from customers. With that, accepting tips is a fireable offense, so it is advised not to give Lowe’s employees tips. However, as Lowe’s installation and other services are delivered through third parties, they may be able to accept tips.

So which contractors through Lowe’s can accept tips? Read on to find out more, including how much you should tip!

Do You Tip Lowe’s Appliance Installers?

If you’re getting a new major appliance installed (such as a new fridge), you’ll likely have it delivered and installed by a third-party contractor through Lowe’s.

As these are not direct employees of Lowe’s, they may be able to accept tips if you think they’ve gone above and beyond.

However, these third-party contractors don’t require tips, and you can choose not to give one if you can’t afford it.

If you still want to offer a reward to your appliance installer but don’t have the money, contractors always appreciate even the simplest offer, such as a bottle of water.

Additionally, feel free to ask your contractor if they will accept tips, as some contractors may not be able to take them.

Do You Tip Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Tipping Lowe’s delivery drivers depend on multiple variables. In the likely event that your delivery driver is a third-party contractor through Lowe’s, you will likely be able to tip them.

However, this is still your personal choice. If you live in a high-rise apartment, your delivery driver has to travel up several flights to deliver it for you, which you could tip for.

If you believe your delivery driver has gone above and beyond normal customer satisfaction protocol, feel free to ask them if they can accept tips before offering one.

Although a delivery driver may want to get a tip, they may be restricted by company policies. 

Do You Tip Lowe’s Wood Cutters?

Do You Tip Lowe's Wood Cutters?

Getting your wood cut at Lowe’s is an excellent service, and it’s usually free for the first few cuts. Additionally, you can get the cuts done the same day you buy the lumber.

With this in mind, you may want to tip Lowe’s associates for providing such a great service. Unfortunately, these employees cannot receive tips, as this is a fireable offense at Lowe’s.

If a Lowe’s employee is caught accepting tips from customers, this can lead to disciplinary action and will do more harm than good.

If you wish to reward a Lowe’s employee who has gone the extra mile for your service, you can always call or speak to their manager and see what actions you can take.

With that, reporting exceptional service is likely to give the employee an award or bonus from management as an alternative to employees receiving tips.

Do You Tip Lowe’s Carpet Installers?

When you organize replacement flooring with Lowe’s, your carpet, tile, or vinyl will likely be installed by a third-party contractor through Lowe’s.

Lowe’s provides professional third-party contractors to save the money it would take to train employees to install carpets and other floorings.

During this process, you cannot tip any Lowe’s employees for their exceptional service.

However, if you believe your carpet installer(s) have gone the extra mile for you, then you may be able to tip them.

It is best to ask the contractor in question before offering a tip, as they may be unable to accept one.

If this is the case, you can always offer them refreshments and give them a gleaming review after they have finished your installation.

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Do You Tip Lowe’s Curbside Pickup?

If you need to get your supplies from Lowe’s quickly and can’t wait for delivery, the next best thing for you may be Lowe’s curbside pickup.

When you receive a great service, your first instinct may be to prepare a tip. However, as this service is provided by Lowe’s employees directly, this may get them in trouble.

Lowe’s will not allow its associates to accept tips from customers, as this is against company policy and may result in being fired.

In the event you feel you’ve received amazing service from a Lowe’s associate, your best option would be to provide a review to their manager or corporate, detailing the service received and the associate’s name.

Then, management can give the appropriate award to the associate in question in place of a tip.

How Much Do You Tip Lowe’s Delivery?

If you are receiving a delivery from Lowe’s through a third party, you may be wondering how much to tip after delivery.

As long as the delivery is provided through a third party and they’ve informed you they can accept tips, you may be concerned about how much you should give.

While some may give a percentage tip, it can be easier to think about what you’re willing to part with.

As it isn’t standard to give delivery drivers and installers tips, you have the freedom to choose the amount.

Considering this, you could always offer a tip of $10 or $20 for your delivery driver if you’ve received exceptional service and choose to go higher if you believe they deserve it.

Do You Tip Lowe’s Delivery If There Is a Delivery Charge?

As most of Lowe’s deliveries come with a delivery charge, you may be wondering if this is what your tip would usually be for the driver in question.

While you can be charged a delivery fee, this is not related to the tip, and you can still choose whether you’d like to tip or not.

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